A Reader’s Painted Chaise!

On my first painted chair, I used two thin latex layers of paint and one layer of acrylic paint.  Then, on my second chair, I only used thinned out acrylic paint.  What if you used only latex paint?

Well, a reader tried just that.

Minda over at Me And Jilly emailed me about her painted chaise.  She followed my painted chair tutorial, but skipped the acrylic layer.   It was so great that I just had to show you!


And, believe it or not, here is how it started out!  Yes, she painted right over all of that pattern.


This is just with a couple of latex layers.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you do latex or acrylic, as long as they are thin layers and you slowly gain saturation that way.


Look at the detail!  That had to have taken some time.


Thanks for sharing, Minda!  If you have painted a chair, I’d love to see it!



  1. that looks amazing! but i have to admit i actually really liked the before with the orange fabric. am i nuts?

    • cynthia blake

      I agree with you! I liked the before chaise better.

    • What, really?! I thought the before was hideous – made me cringe!!!! Different strokes for different folks I guess! The pale pink is so soft and romantic! Love it! I’m going to try this with some old furniture I have.

      • Totally agree with Jenny (great names think alike!!?!!), the ‘before’ was so ugly! Love the calm, serene look of the ‘after’!! Gorgeous!

        • Yeah, I agree with the Jennies (lol is that how you would pluralize your name?) That orange “thing” looks likes the 80′s had a bad day!!! The after picture is just absolutely lovely!!! I can’t wait to do this to my hidious hand me down sofa I thought I had no option with!!!!

      • That chaise is so beautiful! Excellent work Minda!

  2. This tutorial is helping so many people. I will have to try it very soon.


  3. WOW!!! This is absolutely beautiful! She did a fantastic job

  4. This is absolutely stunning. Great job Minda! Kristy, you really set your legacy with that beautiful blue painted chair you did first! About two weeks ago I bought a gorgeous (bones anyway- not as is!) cane chair with orange velvet tufted upholstry. I haven’t decided what color to paint the upholstry yet, but when I do actually do it, I’ll send it over to you!

  5. No way! Didn’t know this could be done!! looks awesome :)

  6. I absolutely love the chaise as it is now. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to snuggle into with a book?

    I’ve yet to find the piece of furniture to do this with, but it’ll pop up in time.

    gertie @ http://www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

  7. This is beyond impressive!

    I found a wingback for $15 at the Salvation Army. I’m going to try painting it. I’ll keep you posted!

  8. Wow! I am BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful this turned out! Bravo!!

  9. This looks just stunning! While the previous fabric would be great for some designs, this works so beautifully with that dresser and curtains. I love it!

  10. I pinned this on Pinterest, it is amazing. Look at the craze you started Kristy! They are getting better every time. She did a spectacular job on this one, it looks like linen.

  11. Reading all these comments was really fun! I hope everyone jumps on this bandwagon because there’s no easier or less expensive way to transform a piece of furniture. Thanks again for sharing Kristy!

  12. WOW!!! This looks GREAT!

  13. love love love!! Now I can go ahead with my second chair and do only the latex :) thanks for posting!

  14. Recently my Mom turned 90! By that point there’s not a whole lot of super ideas for gifts, but I’m not about to let this milestone go unrecognized. Due to a head injury (following a near fatal car crash) I’ve been put behind in getting this gift together but what I’m doing is re-decorating her bedroom. She lives with me and certainly deserves a super room makeover. Her current room doesn’t have a reading chair, but I found a GEM on garbage day sitting on someone’s lawn. The bones are GREAT, the fabric won’t work however. Well, I didn’t want to re-upholster it since I seem to be moving in slow motion since this head injury – so what to do? Well, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, sometimes I find myself landing on the perfect webpage just when I need it. SO…Mom’s “hidden” chair is going to be thoroughly cleaned with an upholstery/carpet cleaner, treated for any “critters” – I’m sure there aren’t any – this chair used to live in a VERY WEALTHY home! Then, I’m gonna’ paint that chair to match the room’s colors. The room is going to be done in various shades of jade and maroon. With light jade walls and dark maroon curtains…the chair will be painted a medium shade of jade – The color is called “Jargon Jade” from Sherwin-Williams. When it’s done, I’ll post before and after photos! I’m so very grateful for this simply wonderful “upcycling” idea. Thanks so much.

    • Thanks for sharing! I hope you are doing well and recovering. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope this project goes well and is a nice celebration of your mother! Looking forward to photos!

  15. I am really amazed at the painted chairs and sofas. I’m going to try it on a chair seat, just to see if I like the feel of the texture afterwards.
    One question: Does anyone know if stains (like water) can be covered up by this method?

    • Linda, I’m not certain. I would think if the stain is minor that a few coats would cover. But, each fabric and situation is a little different. I’d love to see it if you do it.

  16. OMG what a travesty, that orange Victorian looking fabric was GORGEOUS. Okay, not a total travesty, the results are nice, but wow, I really love the now destroyed previous fabric pattern.

    • Although I DO like the finished chaise, the color and pattern and condition of the orange fabric is nice. I may want to see the frame in gilt or gloss black. Maybe even black laquer which I understand will crackle when put over the enamel.

  17. LOVE IT!! Must try this when I get my new home & re-decorate. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  18. Love this!! Did you find the fabric to be rough or crunchy?

    • It is rougher than it was on my two painted chairs, but I’m sitting in one now… and it isn’t too bad. IT’s like a painted canvas… It’s not a snuggle chair anymore, though!

  19. Oh my word…. this is absolutely AMAZING! Painting furniture fabric absolutely rocks my world! Thank you!

  20. hi I’m so in love with this technique… i’m happy to say im a chair hoarder…. ummm lover… lol on the technique i’ve already purchased the acrylic paint but am ??ing the mixture… so do i just spritz with water and water down the acrylic… where does the fabric medium… come in since i will use only acrylic… on others though i will use only latex… (cheaper that way) please let me know… i’ll definitely be sending photos!! your awesome!! oh ps one of my chairs was 4.00 and a pair was 40.00 for the set… i got a camel back sofa for 40.00 so im so excited!! thanks kassi

    • It’s the same even with acrylic. Still use the same amount of fabric medium no matter the paint. The theory is that it helps it attach to fabric and remain softer. Can’t wait for photos! You got amazing deals on your chairs!!

  21. This is great. I’ve two chairs (Craigslist finds) and I’ll be sure to try painting these. I’d love to share my experience with you. Thanks again.

  22. Please anwser me dear!!
    How much fabric medium do I add to the paint? Is it half and half?


  24. I love this painted I wouldn’t have thought to do this but you have salvaged something I is a great tutorial
    I have a gorgeous chaise lounge that my parents gave me that I want to change it is cream with dark timber
    I want something crazy on it so this now gives me a great idea It is so expensive to recover thousands of dollars
    as it is all buttoned but it is so boring
    I am going to do it I will try the back of it first as I can always put it up against a wall hahaha

  25. Will this work on something that will get a lot of use, like a sofa? Pictures are beautiful!

  26. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Your chairs look wonderful. My daughter has an awful sofa, but I believe this might work to “restor” it. I have thought about painting furniture fabric ever since watching Hildi paint a chair on Trading Spaces years ago. But since Hildi was always doing such crazy stuff, I was afraid that painting fabric instead of upholstering would end up disastrous.

  27. That is gorgeous! Would these methods work with a slightly pearlescent paint?

  28. Kristen Parken

    I would love to try this on my Sofa, it is used often however. So, is the verdict that using an acrylic paint creates a softer feel?

    • No, it didn’t really affect the feel. They were about the same. But, some report that mixing in fabric softener helps some.

  29. I agree, I loved the orange printed fabric before but I can see the value in painting a chair when (1) the chair is butt ugly, (2) you can’t afford a new one, or new fabric to reupholster it – if you know how to upholster!
    Wish I had seen this tutorial before I ripped the orange velvet off the 70′s side chair so I could use it as a template for upholstering the chair!
    Hey wait – have a dark purple barrel chair….I want to upholster it because the purple is stained and NOT in my house’s colors. I wonder if I can paint blue and white stripes!!? I will try this…

  30. Hi Kristy,

    love your chaise!
    How much latex paint did you use for the whole thing?

    • Oh, that’s a reader’s chaise. She has a blog though – I bet you could ask her on it. Less than a quart, though – I am sure.

  31. i loved the orange! The after is nice too, but the fabric had so much character before!

  32. I DON’T BELIEVE MY EYES! SO YOU’RE TRYING TO TELLING ME THAT THE ORANGE MARMALADE YUCK LOOKING CHAISE IS NOW THAT BEAUTIFUL CHIC PINK CHAISE!!!! MY SPIDER SENSES ARE TELLING ME GO PAINT SOME CHAIRS!!!!! OR IN MY CASE CUSHIONS!!! I have some tweed plaid cushions from an old couch I wanted to repurpose for some DIY patio furniture. Mary, Joseph and Jo Jo if I can paint those things to look half as pretty as this I’ll be happier than Popeye in a spinach patch!!

  33. Hey Kristy, so I already totally love your website!
    I have this old fashioned hat box that I want to dye. It’s basically hard cardboard covered by a thin layer of fabric. I want it to look smooth and do as little damage as possible, since it’s vintage. But I have no idea how to do it! Hahaha. Should I just use latex paint or acrylic or both?

    • Oh goodness. I’d be careful since the cardboard getting wet may not be a great idea. So, that’d nix the water element. For that reason, I’d just brush on acrylic paint or even consider spray paint possibly. I’m not really sure, though, since I’ve never painted a hat box. Hope that helps!

  34. Has anyone that has painted their furniture using either method cleaned their furniture with any uphostry cleaner? If so, does the paint come off when exposed to water? Thanks

  35. This blows me away. I have a small living room with two love seats (they just fit so much better than a couch and gives me options when rearranging furniture.) One love seat is going to get this paint treatment. Sharing is sooooo cool. Thanks

  36. Maria Victoria Manning

    Will this work on microsuede? I have an old sage green sectional I would like to try this on. U are amazing! It all looks great. Loving it. :)

    • Though I have not, some have tried it on microsuede and had good results. I’d first try it on the backside of a cushion or something not visible. Good luck!

  37. Ramona Schwartz

    I was given a chair (Orange velvet) that I will be painting very soon. I will send you pics. I excited to try this project. Thanks for your guidance. Ramona

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