Before the Paparazzi – Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors

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This week’s guest for the series, “Before the Paparazzi,” is Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors.  She is so talented.  I’m so glad she is here to share some of what she has learned in the blogging world.  Take it away Danielle.
Hi, I am Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors. I am thrilled to be at Hyphen Interiors today sharing a little bit about myself!
How’d you get started?
I started a family blog shortly after having my first child and quickly got addicted. After entering the blogging world, I found myself spending hours reading design, cooking, personal, and fashion blogs. A few months later, I entered and won a blog design which was the perfect opportunity to start my design blog. A year later and I am still loving it! Blogging has provided me with a platform to express my love for interiors as well as start Danielle Oakey Interiors. I love it.
Emory’s bedroom was one of the first projects I tackled when starting my blog a year ago.

What advise would you give to newbies?
I feel like I am a newbie myself but I always tell new bloggers to post original material. Try and make your blog unique by posting your own ideas and work. DIY projects, tutorials, pictures of your home, and bits and pieces of your personal life are what people are looking for!
How much time per day do you spend on your blog?
After a year of blogging, I feel like I finally have a good system down. Blog at night, read blogs in the morning. I try to spend only 1-2 hours per day on my blog and blog posts but the majority of my time is spent on e-designs and designs for local clients.

This was the first e-design that I completed. Thanks to my blog, I am always busy with clients!

What do you wish you had known?
1. You can write your posts in advance and schedule them to post.
2. Schedule your posts to run early each morning.
3. Submit your projects to big blogs, they just might feature them!

Thanks so much for having me Kristy!

Thanks for sharing!  Be sure to check out Type A’s post from the same series, but different blogger.

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  1. Great tips, Danielle!!! your blog is fabulous…so what you’re doing is working!!!

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