DIY Dry Erase Board

I revealed our office a few days ago via the blog Primitive and Proper.

On that guest post, I commented that possibly my favorite part of the office is the 4 ft x 8 ft dry erase board that hangs over the desk.

I’ve seen a lot of dry erase boards made from frames where you can write on the glass.  I love those, but what if you want it mounted differently, not in a frame and perhaps oversized?  I have a solution.


How about using acrylic and standoff mounts?  After pricing it out, we decided to make it ourselves – a glass or glass-looking dry erase board runs between $1500-5000.  We made this one for $225.

We bought a sheet of polished acrylic and had them drill the ten holes for mounting on it.  I didn’t get a photo, but it was a clear piece of acrylic (plexi-glass).  We had it delivered.  Once it was here, we painted one side white with a roller.

IMG_3556 (640x480)

In the photos above, I have the standoff mounts laying in six of the holes.  We mounted it with 1 inch standoff mounts.  They are silver and literally hold it an inch from the wall.  You see these a lot in retail displays.  They give a slightly industrial look.  Here is a standoff mount closer up.  I purchased ours at Outwater Plastics Industries.


It was that simple to make our own.  You can use this same process to make a white board of any size.  You can also use different sized mounts or no mounts.  In addition, it’d be easy to change the color, by just painting the back side a different color than white.  Very versatile!

For further inspiration:




  1. i love the look you gave that whiteboard- it is awesome!!

  2. Drooling over here! I would love to do this in my 11 year old’s room. I think it would be perfect for his homework and schedule!


  3. I’ll be storing this in the memory banks …. I’m sure I’ll be using it one day soon!

    Suzy xxx

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