Guest Post – DIY Lighting

I featured Amanda’s diy sunburst mirror recently.  She also has a fabulous tutorial on diy lighting on her blog, Our Humble A Bowed.  So, take it away Amanda!
My name is Amanda and I write the blog Our Humble A{Bowe}d where we’re sharing how we have, and still are, transforming our 1960′s rancher into our home. We’ve tackled nearly every room in our 2500 square foot home, and now we’re putting on the finishing touches.

Over the past few months, we’ve been making some changes to our boys’ bedroom. So far, we have painted the bed sun yellow, painted a chevron pattern on a jute rug, created free magazine art, refinished and decorated a bookshelf, and made more DIY origami art. Heck, we even reorganized the closet! The bedroom redesign we started last summer is nearly complete. The finishing touch is a wood veneer version of the Moooi Random pendant I made using iron on veneer edging.

I fell hard for the Moooi Random pendant, but not the price.

I searched the internet to try to find a cheaper version and stumbled across a few home made versions using yarn, glue and an inflatable ball. Too messy for my situation. Then, we bought a roll of iron on wood veneer for cabinet faces, but we didn’t like it. I decided to put it to good use to make a Moooi Random-esque light. I gathered my supplies:

To start, I looped a piece of veneer to the circumference of fixture I wanted. After cutting about 20 strips, I used a hot glue gun to join the ends, creating circles.

Next, overlap the circles and glue at touch points.

Continue gluing the strips in a random pattern. You can bend the circles to fit inside the cage, too.

Once you’ve filled created a design you like, find an opening to fit a socket kit into. Then, install in the room and admire your new, thrifty, but oh so modern light.

Because of the design, the shade casts really fun shadows, too.

It’s that simple. Thank you so much for having me today, Kristy!

Thanks for sharing, Amanda!  Check out the full tutorial on her blog.


  1. I absolutely love this post! SO inspiring. I have always been scared to try a DIY lighting project. Something about the electricity has caused me to avoid a project like this. BUT I LOVE IT! Thank you!

  2. What a fun idea! Love the lighting this puts out!

  3. I loved this idea – it also makes me wonder what other fun accessories could be DIY’d with wood trim :)

  4. This is fabulous… I’ve also been too timid to try DIY lighting, but this is so inspiring. Would look great with an Edison bulb, too.

  5. She is totally brilliant…I’m so not that creative as to think up all these ideas and then have them come out so amazing! Bravo! And I’m still laughing about that last printable on your last post…start being awesome instead…speaking of brilliant! (c;

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