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I usually post every day, but yesterday was one of those exceptions.  We had guests in town earlier in the week.  It was an old friend from VA who we met back in 2004 at a youth camp we were hosting.  Plus his friend.  That was fun!  Here is where I should insert a photo of all of us.  But, I neglected to take one!  I was too lazy enthralled in conversation.  So, instead…


And, then, right after that, we were hit with a scary an exciting possible job opportunity for my husband. Though excited for the possible opportunity, we were surprised to learn it’d mean yet another an out of state move.  We weren’t planning to move again for a very long time, so it took a while to wrap our minds around it and be alright with it.  Of course, just as we worked through that initial shock, the job information seemed to change.   As of this moment, they are now open to allowing us to stay here in Phoenix.  That may just be a big relief.   It’s not over yet, though, so we’ll see how it pans out and if it indeed turns into an official offer.   We have a lot more questions, but hope to know what is the verdict is by the end of the week.


So, needless to say, we were pretty preoccupied over the past several days thinking our lives could change dramatically and deciding if we were alright with it, since unlike some things in life, this would be a choice.

Very exciting on one hand, stressful on another.  So, we had a busy week.  There was not a lot of mental capacity time left for posting.  So, please bear with me as I get back on track with posting, work and projects.  I may just do five days a week over the summer on most weeks.

Let’s talk about free art.  I love free printables.  There are few other ways to get easy art for free.  My favorite source of free printables is Sprik Space.  I love her work!

ABC_HI_-_8x10_-_green_-_Sprik_Space  Just_Because_-_LOVE_-_white_on_green_-_Sprik_Space

Not too long ago, I talked about printing out these (below) ampersands from her site.


The problem was with my frame sizes.  They weren’t typical sizes.  The prints weren’t quite large enough, as you can see.  So, I made my own larger prints in slightly different color tones.   Then, printed them on glossy paper.  Here they are now, filing the frames.

IMG_5743 (421x640)

I also made a few prints in Photoshop for my bathroom.  I thought a take on the traditional male and female bathroom icons would be fun.

IMG_5749 (640x543)

And, there is this one (Austin Power’s humor) for my bathroom as well.

IMG_5750 (526x640)

Getting a little printable happy, I then made a few “Keep Calm and Carry On” variations for friends.

8x10keepcalmrockonblack  8x10 keep calm carry on skyred

8x10 keep calm writehotpink  8x10 keep calm praise aqua

And a sign with a How I Met Your Mother quote on it.  It was for a friend who has been dealing with leaving a home with mold in it.

For Sarah

Just in case you would find this work worthwhile, I decided to make all of these plus a few more are available for free to my readers.  They each say what size they are on the links.  The files are large and can easily be taken to Kinkos or Walgreens for printing.

What are your favorite FREE printable sites?   Do you make and share any of your own?


P.S.  These printables are available here.


  1. Kristy, I love these!! Where have I been?? It looks like I’ll be update our gallery wall soonn :) Oh and How I Met Your Mother is one if our FAVORITE shows!

  2. Oh I LOVE free printable art. I use to cut out in magazines any type of art that I liked and I would frame them… I love the ‘Keep Calm and Marry On’

  3. Love my Write On one, again thank you thank you thank you!

  4. These are great! Thanks for sharing! I love the alphabet HI print!

  5. You better not be moving! J/k I hope everything works out for you guys wherever that may lead you. I am also loving the printables – too funny!

  6. Adorable printables :) but, ummm… I just verified with my hubby and the line is “Get IN my belly!” Remember he’s referring to wanting to eat Mini Me.

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