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Red, White and Blue Series – Brittany from Swirls of Happy

To start this series, which will run daily for a few days, I introduce to you Brittany from Swirls of Happy.  She has an adorable blog that you must check out.  She is beautiful, has amazing fashion sense and great design ability.  I noticed long ago that she had a knack for planning parties.  I asked her to share ideas for 4th of July parties.  Take it away, Brittany.

Hello Hyphen Interior readers!  Brittany from Swirls of Happy here today guest posting for Kristy.  I am so excited to be a guest blogger on Hyphen Interiors, because it is one of my favorite blogs.  Kristy has so much talent and is beyond sweet….basically, she totally rocks!

Anyhoo, lets get this party started (literally, I am posting about 4th of July party ideas) with some Red, White, Blue…and a Bang! There are few Holiday’s that get me amped up like the 4th of July does.  What is better than a Summer holiday filled with good eats, family and friends, a love of our country, and some killer fireworks to top it off?!  What makes this holiday even better…celebrating our Independence and great nation in superb style! Here is some inspiration to get your “hostess with the mostess” and “Mrs. Independence” mojo going… for a seriously chic, fabulous, and patriotic celebration.  Happy Independence Day everyone!

* I love this tie-dye Patriotic bunting project, fun for the whole family to make!


* Make these festive bike streamers with your kids or for yourself (I know I would love to ride around with these on my beach cruiser)!


* How delicious do these pretzels look?!  Yum!

Just dip pretzel sticks in melted chocolate, cover with desired sprinkles and then let them set.  Easy and adorable!

* Perfect for the little kiddos at the party!  Love this simple {and sweet} party favor. Simply buy Ring Pop candy, and attach little handmade tags with this patriotic message.  Adorn tags with tiny stars, glitter, etc.  Voila! P.S  These would also make cute name settings for a table.


* How about little bags of DIY smore kits for your guest…Yes please! Put a mini Hershey bar, two jumbo Marshmallows, and two graham crackers in a snack sized Ziploc bag.  Cover the seal of the bag with a handmade label off your computer or with scrapbook supplies.
* I love these fabulous paper straws!  I think these would look just lovely on a table next to some classic root beer bottles!  Find these here.
* So easy to make, and a sure hit at the party. These Cupcake ice cream comes are as cute as they are delicious!  Make cupcakes as you normally would, then put the baked cupcake in an ice cream cone.  Add frosting and adorn with star sprinkles (or whatever other sprinkles) you want.  The trick is making sure you make the frosting look like ice cream (i.e. the picture)!  Yum.

* Find tea light lanterns like these at Ikea for cheap!  Hang with pretty ribbon for an easy, chic display over your treat table!  A White table cloth and patriotic bunting finish the table off! Make your own bunting with scrapbook paper and coordinating ribbon, or find adorable ones already made here.

* I love these little stars adorned on the paper straws! A simple detail that makes a big statement. Use Die-cute Stars (found at Michaels Craft store), or cut your own, and then punch a circle in the middle and place over straw.

* Make pinwheels for the kids and place them in a large galvanized tub as decoration at the party (and to make it easy for the kids to grab one).  Or let the kids make their own at a craft table at the party (just be sure to supervise)!

* Ice Cream Sandwiches are a must at any 4th of July BBQ!  Take them up a notch by placing sprinkles on the ice cream part and putting them in cute muffin liners.  Presentation at it’s finest.
* What says All-American better than a Hot Dog Bar?!  Hello cute!
* Make personalized labels for your “All American BBQ” on your computer and secure to water bottles, glass soda bottles, Root beer, etc with hot glue. It’s little details like this that get you the “Mrs. Independence” party planner of the year award!
* For a fabulous party favor, make your own firework display by handing out sparklers wrapped in cute handmade packaging.  Make coordinating labels for mini box matches that say “Light it Up” (see right of photo).  LOVE THIS!
Thank you so much for all of the awesome ideas!  I know I am not the best at planning for things that only last a few hours and need a little extra motivation!  I appreciate you sharing one of your personal interests with all of us.



  1. Wow, great ideas. Love them all and they are so so simple. Makes me want to have a party!

  2. I love all the photos, Brittany. My fave photos are the ice-cream sandwiches, straws and food display. Kristy has an amazing blog and will be sure to visit it often. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Kristy! Love your blog! I’m Brittany’s sister, and she really does have talent for party planning. She did my bridal shower and it was stunning! I really like this series you are doing for the fourth! Thanks for sharing! (and Britt, Fab ideas)!
    -Brooke at

  4. What fun… I really like the ice cream sandwhiches…nothing beats ice cream on the 4th July.
    Have a great week.

  5. Lovely! I love Brittany’s blog! :) I’m so happy you had her guest post today so I could come meet you!

  6. Thanks for letting me post on your awesome blog!!! XO

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