Kid Royal Studios Giveaway Winner!

Yay, my Google followers seem to be showing up again after a week or more!  To do the drawing last night, I went to and did a random drawing for the Kid Royal Studios giveaway.

The winner is the 13th entry which is from Iram Khan!  Congratulations!

Iram wrote:
Since the “keep calm & carry on” seems to be the latest trend, I would love to have that!

I’ll get you in touch with Jay at Kid Royal Studios.  Everyone else, don’t forget that Jay at KRS is giving Hyphen Interiors readers a 20% off discount for one more week.  So order now!  Just use the code “hypheninteriors.”


  1. Did you know that this “artist” stole money from a lot of people on etsy? He strung people for 45 days so we can’t get refunds on PayPal and then shut his etsy shop down. He’s a thief!

    • I heard that from one other person, actually, several months after this. Well, I simply got an email saying she had not received the product she ordered, but I didn’t hear a final outcome. I am so sorry for what ever happened. I have no idea, as I have not heard from him. I do know that the giveaway winner received her art. But, I have no idea about other orders, nor do I have a connection to other orders or to him personally. I’d certainly contact etsy again to see if they can do anything at all, or have any suggestions. They need to try to take action, if they haven’t. Sounds very frustrating. Perhaps something happened to him? On Paypal, at least now, you can escalate to a claim and Paypal will make a decision on a dispute rather than waiting. I’m not clear if you tried that or not.

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