Office Reveal

I revealed my office on two other blogs in order to give them the exclusive, rather than something that had already been written about and viewed on my own blog.  However, it’s now time to reveal it here as well.


This room in our home is technically an upstairs den. It’s a 15×13 room with double doors and no closet. My husband works from home as a software architect.  So, the room was designed mostly for him.  He had some very specific requirements, which you can read more about on those guest posts.  Here is my better half.days in this room. (That’s my better half, below.)

chrisreception2 chrisandkristywinter

Below are the sketches we came up with, as we nailed down just what he needed and wanted in order for this space to function well for him.


For the color scheme, we chose one that could work for both sexes.  It included several diy projects such as painting the letters, making the dry erase board and the cord bags.

aback IMG_5565

ashelvescloseangle afrontcornerhutch

adeskcorner abirdlantern agreenvase


Feel free to click on the photos for larger images.  My husband has since put in hours of work in this room and has enjoyed it greatly!  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  For more details, visit my post from a few weeks ago at Primitive and Proper or One Perfect Room.

I am still hoping to post a reveal of the craft room my design studio within a week or so.   I just have a few fairly minor things to finish up.



  1. So glad you were able to give us the reveal.
    Its looks so warm & inviting!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It is manly enough, but totally fits in with the decor in your bedroom and throughout your home. Job well done! Love the letters in there…wish I had seen that before I bought our vintage one.

  3. It’s a beautiful space. Well done!! I could spend hours working in a great office like that.

  4. Looks great! Love your color choices!

  5. Love the curtains and the book shelf!! Great job!

  6. The office looks fantastic! Love everything about it–especially the desk. So clever to just secure it to the wall. I have to use that at some point in my life, lol.
    You are your hubs are so cute!

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