Practical Solution for Hiding Cords

We all have them.  Some more than others.  That is, wires to hide.

Some have wondered about the wires in our office.  If we have so much computer equipment, how do we deal with the wires?

All wires went through grommets in the desk and ended up below desk. I made what I call cord bags in order to hide them.  I could not find a pre-made solution that was similar, so I came up with this diy solution.

IMG_5752 (640x473)

We purchased thin cotton fabric that can breathe and was a similar color as the wall for it.  In our case, I got what was on clearance.  You don’t want to use anything that won’t breathe as the wires may heat up and you’ll want to avoid a fire.

IMG_5757 (640x440)

We cut four equal rectangles, hemmed all sides, then wrapped one side around a piece of wood so it’s a sturdy edge.  Both the wood and the fabric have holes in them so they can slide over the hooks that are screwed into the wall.  The non-wood side has grommets over the holes so that they can easily hook onto hooks as well.  Inside are the wires.  It can easily be unhooked, as shown above, to reveal the wires in order to move them around.

I did it pre-blog, so I don’t have any in process photos.  Hope that spurs ideas for you and all the wires you want to hide!



  1. That is an awesome solution. Cords at a desk area are the worst problem anywhere in the house. There’s just so many of them.

  2. Ha, how simple!!!
    Great idea!!!

  3. such a great idea! who had to go and make wires so ugly anyhow? must have been a man.

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