Red, White and Blue Series–Stephanie from Cre8tive Designs Inc

Readers, please welcome Stephanie from Creative Designs Inc.  She has a degree in Interior Design, but started on her own home as many do.  In fact, she has an incredible story of how her first home that she worked hard designing burned to the ground. She had to start completely over.  I discovered her blog fairly recently, but loved it from the start.  It was so obvious that she he has beautiful attention to detail and a fantastic talent for photos.  Let’s find out what she thinks are staples for entertaining this time of year.  Take it away, Stephanie.

Thank you Kristy for including me in your Red, White and Blue series.  I love this idea and am so thrilled to be a guest here on your blog.

I love to decorate for parties, almost as much as I love to do interior design.  To me it is like decorating a room, but for just one day.  So when Kristy asked me if I would like to share my decorating tips I jumped on it!

What I love about the 4th of July, besides being all about USA and our independence, are the colors red and white {sorry blue}.   These two colors are a staple for me when I  decorate for holidays.  I invested in red dishes, simple white dishes, table cloths, platters, bowls, and accessories all in these two colors.   Just to clarify the “invested” part, we are talking Target, PierOne and World Market, nothing fancy.  I use them for Christmas, Valentines Day, Memorial day, and the 4th of July.  The white comes in handy for Easter as well.  When these holidays come around,  it so easy and quick for me to pull a party together having my stash at hand.

Using some of my staple items, here is how I set up my table for the 4th of July.  To get the red white and blue place setting, I used my red plates I got from Target 3 years ago, and added small salad white plates that I have also had for years.

The other staple I like to use are wicker chargers.  These are great for any holiday or even every day settings.  White, red or clear glassware is another love of mine that I keep in my stash.  I got these old fashion goblets at World Market, I love the pattern on them.

I fan folded the blue napkins and tied a piece of twine in the middle to give it a “bunting” look.

The blue tablecloth is a 60″ round polyester table cloth I got from HomeGoods for $9.99   I cut a hole in the middle for the umbrella.  I used fabric fray for the edges, no sewing required, yahoo!  Just throw it in the washer when the party is over and it is ready for reuse next year.

Everyday silverware purchased again, at World Market wrapped with some ribbon and set inside the little milk type jugs.

It is hard to decorate around an umbrella pole, I find it is best to use a grouping of 3 vases.   I inserted the fun festive tooth pick toppers from PierOne for more color and pizazz.

Last year for the 4th, I used fresh red roses from Costco, and added some flags I got from the dollar store.

I also have used clear Walmart mason jars that I added blue food coloring to the water and fresh carnations.

To dress up the outside of the umbrella, I cheated and used already made flag pennant banner from World Market.  They were only $6.99 each for a 5 foot length.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to make my own {which are so easy to make by the way}  so I caved and bought them.  To me it was worth it, and I can use them year after year.

I felt a little guilty that they weren’t handmade, so I added red dot and blue ribbon strips in between the flag pennants to dress it up.

I am fortune to have a spectacular view as a backdrop and large entertaining area in my backyard , so I keep my table settings low for the guest to enjoy the view.

I am having about 15 guests for the 4th of July, so I will be setting more place settings on other tables.  By having a good stock of the red and white dishes, and other decor items, I don’t have to worry about not having enough if more guests should arrive.  And the great thing is, they won’t sit in my cupboard until the next 4th of July, because I will be using them again before I know it, Christmas! Thanks for having me Kristy!

Thank you so much for sharing with us.  Your home is gorgeous.  I love that view!  This definitely helped with where to start and what to have on hand.  Well done!



  1. Love the food coloring in the car jars. Very clever. Holy cow, what a view. How do you get an invite to that party?

  2. SO lovely!!!! Fabulous :)

  3. I love that flag bunting! I’ve also had my eye on those chargers for awhile and keep hoping they go on sale. Looks party perfect!

  4. Stephanie-great tip about the dishes being used for other times of the year! :)
    great table and decorations. The napkin is my favorite, cause BLUE is my favorite color (no sorry blue here) hahaha
    great post !

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