What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been working on my Photoshop class reading and assignments.  For one of our assignments we were given an old photo to restore and in that process, we had to remove a cigarette from a guy’s mouth.  Here is how mine turned out.


And, here is the image we were given to restore.


Not too bad!   Please note that they are stretched out to about twice their original size.  So, they may be a tad distorted.

Wish I had actual old family photos to restore.   That’d be fun!  On to the next assignment.

Have you restored any photos?



  1. what a neat assignment! it looks great, and can i say he looks so much classier without the cigarette! YUCK!

  2. Wow! That is super impressive. Where are you taking it- a local college? I would love to take one!

    • Yep, at a local college for fun. When you are a student, you get a massive discount on Photoshop software, so I decided to go that route and get a solid foundation so that I was no longer just a hack that learned through trial and error. It’s been fun learning about print graphics and all the settings for them, how to scan for proper dpi, how to make the end product printing a certain size, file formats, and doing lots of tutorials outside of class as well. Good stuff! I need to do another video tutorial for you all!

  3. Great Job. I love working on Photoshop and restoring old photos.

  4. Looking good! I’m deep into my photoshop class too but it’s been kinda slow so far. I can’t wait to do some cooler things. Great job on your homework :)

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