Glad I Didn’t Dust!

I was thinking I should dust yesterday, but since I was at home sick, I opted not to and to only do what I must do in hopes of resting.  Well, glad I didn’t dust because we got another big dust storm yesterday afternoon.  Here are photos from my backyard taken as it rolled in.

It left dust on everything. Now the city needs another bath.

Yeah, I live in Phoenix.


storm (640x480)

storm3 (640x480)

There is a good video of our July 5th’s dust stormm, which is technically termed haboob, on CNN’s website.  I’m not sure that there are any similar ones out just yet of this one.  However, there are some good youtube videos if you search it.  The CNN video is worth watching!   It made the worldwide news.

Here are some photos that were taken throughout the city.

image  image



image  image

You know, I’ll take haboobs over snow, tornadoes and hurricanes any day! Crazy little weather phenomenon, though!  However, having said that, it does raise the incidence of Valley Fever (caught by breathing in a fungus found in the soil) and my asthma is horrible.

Maybe I’ll dust tomorrow…



  1. wow! i have never seen anything like that. crazy!!!!

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that. Yes, good thing you didn’t dust!

  3. That is crazy to this midwesterner! How long does something like that last?

    • Michelle, it depends on how large it is. Maybe 10 minutes to an hour. I think last night’s was pretty bad for just 15-30 minutes, but then it was pretty dusty for a while as everything settled. Thank goodness they don’t happen THAT often.

  4. Holy moly, that’s insane! We didn’t get dust storms in Utah per se, but one time I dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. Then I left our sliding glass door open because it was beautiful. And it quickly became very windy and dusty–not quite stormy, but there was a film on everything by the time I shut the door. SO frustrating. So … good thing you didn’t dust!!

  5. That is crazy! Never heard of that before! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Eeee!!! That is the weirdest thing! Looks like pictures from a movie trailer!

  7. Wow….that is amazing! We live in SW Pa. so don’t have anything like that, we do have crazy snowstorms though and ice storms guess that would be crazy for you too! Thanks for sharing I have never seen anything like that!

  8. Dust, dust, GO AWAY!!! I had to drive right into that storm on Monday…it sucked )c:

  9. Wow, that is unbelievable! I did see it on the news, I bet that was like sand paper to a lot of cars and buildings at the rate it was going. Hope your asthma gets better!

  10. These dust storms are crazy! The kids and I were caught in the July 5th big storm and that was kind of scary and crazy driving in it. Luckily, for this last one we were at home so my car did not suffer from the wrath of a dust shower.

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