In Case You Don’t Already Know…


I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest.  I’m finally on there under HyphenInteriors (I think).  I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to announce it so I had some clue as to what I’m doing on there. Well, I’m still no expert, but I have some boards started.


In case you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s an online pin board.  That’s a little screen shot of most of my boards, above.

It allows you to pin images that you find on the internet and keep them organized.  The URL or web address automatically gets saved with the image so you can easily navigate back to the page that you found it on.  It makes  it easy to get back or to give credit to the author.

Here is what it looks like if you click to open my “Clever” pin board.


Then, you can click on each item individually and eventually on the link to where it was found.

The other fun thing is that all of your boards are public which means others can follow other people’s boards or repin things that they pin.

So, to save, keep track of and organize images, it’s fantastical and even addicting.

What it’s not the best for is saving entire tutorials or written content.  I still use Evernote for such things.


I don’t like to depend on a link that could eventually break when it comes to content.  For images, it’s fine, as you always have the image on your board.  But, if the link ever breaks you won’t be able to get back to the text that goes with the image.  So, for that, I like to highlight it all and save it in Evernote along with labels so it is searchable.


Evernote also saves the web address.  The main differences are – Evernote is not public and it can also save content.  It’s also fully searchable by tags and folders, or you can search content itself.   So it depends on how and why you use it.  You may be like me and like both for different reasons.  Pinterest is much more of a community and mostly for pinning images.

Both are free programs.  Try them both out!

Please join me on Pinterest!  You can follow my pins and vise versa.  Such a great source of ideas.


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