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Sometimes you get so close to a project and see it so often that you just want a new pair of eyes.  The master bedroom sofa area is bugging me.  I changed out two pillows and removed the cowhide rug.  Here it is now.


It did look like this with the rug and different pillows.


I am considering changing the art and replacing the rug.

So, we’d possibly add a stenciled canvas or piece of wood (likely black and white pattern of some sort) with a sunburst layered over it.  Then, a new rug (likely a gray tone with a pattern).   The walls are a taupe color, by the way.  It’s hard to tell in these photos.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be getting rid of the art. I’d probably move the art to the laundry room which is my next project.

Note that there is a doorway on the left side of the sofa so I cannot do symmetrical tables on each side.   And, there is also a large chest of drawers to the left, not seen here, so it provides more weight on that side of the room.

Do you think these changes would be for the better?  I’ve looked at it for too long.  It will be good to have another set of eyes.  thanks!



  1. I think you need to pull some white to other side of room, it feels out of balance.

  2. First off, I love the new profile pic (c: Aaaaaaand…I miss the cowhide! I dunno, for me I tend not to think of cowhide as a rustic element, especially when the other things in the room aren’t…I think of it as more just modern. But I have to admit, I would like to see what you cook up for this space and can you really go wrong with a fantastic rug and a sunburst? I think not (c:

  3. I actually liked the cowhide rug! It gave the space a little something different and added an eclectic element. What about something a little lighter for your piece of art? Something with more white? I think you’re doing a great job :)

  4. i agree.. i love the cowhide rug. however, i do understand your ‘eye’. it only looks rustic, because your other furnishings are so traditional. the ottoman/coffee table is perfect on top of it.. giving juxtaposition.. and it’s the sofa & chair that seems to be the culprit of making you see the rustic. if you decide on a different rug, i would definitely do a patterned one, not a solid on top of solid carpet. if your eye is as mine, it will drive you bonkers. i also agree with Tia, you def need more white/cream in the space to help lift it up a bit. the taupe carpet/walls/sofa are eating up a lot of light. hope this helps! good luck and look forward to seeing what you do! have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  5. Oooh I love the cowhide. My pick would be to save the cowhide and trade out the wall art. I love love love the cowhide rug.

  6. I LOVE the cowhide!!! I really like your idea of the new art though. I know whatever you do it will be a-ma-zing :)

  7. i was also going to say keep the cowhide in there! it really helps keep the balance in the room i think. it also adds warmth to the room and keeps it from feeling to angular and cold.
    i love the artwork yo have, but i am sure whatever you come up with will be awesome!!!! can’t wait to see that unfold!

  8. I like the cowhide. I think new art, like a mirror would make a big difference. I also like the new pillows better.

  9. I say the “before” with the cowhide!!! I love it!!!

  10. Haha…I came to post my opinion, worried I had a bad one . . . only to see that I’m NOT the only one who is saying “Hey, I really liked it with the cowhide.” :)

    Sorry to disappoint…but I have to say my fave of the three is with the cowhide rug. Though I do really like your pillow switcheroo. I think that I’d do the new art, but bring back the cowhide.

    However, maybe you could do the art first, and then play around with the rug situation.

    • Seems to be the popular opinion. I think the starburst (now in the laundry room) will help a lot if I switch that out. I’ll give it a try.

  11. To be honest, I think the sofa is the thing that is throwing everything off. At least for me. I love all the other elements from the wall art to the rug!

    • You may be right as a more contemporary sofa would be better, but I am not sure I can afford to replace the sofa as I got this one for $75! :) So, I need to give it a shot and try to make it work.

  12. Thanks everyone! Very helpful. My eyes got tired of looking at it as I had a number of things on my plate at once. So, I thought it was a great opportunity to get your input! Great info. I’ll try the art (sunburst only at first) and putting the rug back. We’ll see how that goes. Open to thoughts though surrounding the ideas I threw out.

  13. I think the graphics are too bold and crisp for that space. I liked the cowhide rug mainly because it has white in it. It lightens up the whole area. Why don’t you remove @ *and & and leave it blank for a while. The pillows seems not to matter. Try the mirror that is over the card catalog. I think the graphics would be great in the living room. They seem to go with the squareness of your sofa. Did you remove the white painted coffee table yet? Go to Sketch 42 and look at her paintings. They are nice and something that you could make for yourself. How about some other pictures of the bedroom. What about hanging a rug on the wall? I get mixed up, Phoenix, or Austin? Ann

  14. Have you considered putting a black framed mirror behind the couch, with b/w painted canvases or black framed pieces on either side? The mirror would help to continue the metallic of the coffee table. Maybe a black or white throw instead of the gray? Good luck!

  15. Jessica Montagliani

    Oh Kristy!!! Just got on here and saw this….I too LOVE that rug….I think it def. adds character to the room and LOVE the art as well!!!! I know when being in your own home its easy to tire of things easily but Love the mix of different colors/fabrics and textures…love this room!!!

  16. Yep, keep the rug. I also love the art work. I think maybe adding a patterned drapery and a larger side table lamp to pull the styles together is what is missing. The white painted chair legs might be too stark for you against the rug. A small side table next to the chair might make that side of the room feel more part of the couch area. I too love the new profile picture :)

  17. I really love the rug but your right it doesnt quite gel properly but I think you could add some more rustic elements in to keep it, its may to gorgeous to take out. I love things to be a bit ecclectic & mis matched anyway. I love the art work

  18. That bench is really really eye catching.
    Where did you find it from?


  19. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and say I like the cowhide, owning one myself I’m partial to it. BUT if you would prefer a new rug, I’d go with some sort od blue, tie everything together. A starburst mirror would or more colorful art would really pop. Good luck, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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