Let’s Talk About My Laundry Room – I Want To Involve You!

First, I will say that I am LOVING the sunburst in the bedroom.  It ties the silver finishes from across the room (chandeliers) to the sitting area.  The pillows are perfect on the sofa.  It seems so much more coordinated in there.  Yay for playing around with the art and pillows.  Sometimes a few simple tweaks can really help.

The mirror is a keeper.  I do, however, need to take that price tag off of the mirror.  I did update the new “Tour” page with these photos.

Now, I want to introduce you to our laundry room.  It’s one of my favorite spaces in the house due to its size and the sink and storage!

I want to involve you all in this design!  Here is how the laundry room looked before we moved in (previous owners).  Pretty white.

laundry before

When we moved in, we painted the walls apple green and added a few accessories.  We went with top loading washer and dryer by Fisher and Paykal.  Easy on the back.


On one wall are photos from when we lived in Utah – mainly from hikes we went on there.  That wall is about 20 ft long.

Here is another shot.

laundry after

I got tired of the blue stripe, the and the too square bench and mirror.  So, I sold the bench and mirror.

The room now looks a little torn apart and crazy like this.


And, like this.


I will definitely paint over the blue stripes.  I am considering using the symbol art work that is resting on the floor.  Perhaps coat hooks on each side of the art and a floor length mirror on each end.  Then, two DIY benches under the artwork.  Stripes?  Stencil?  It’s all really just thoughts right now.  I haven’t pinned anything down.

What are your ideas for the room?  Leave it green?  Stripes, stencil?  How would you arrange the artwork?  Would you include coat hooks and mirrors?  My only constraints are that I cannot do a backsplash, replace countertops, or paint cabinets.  Nothing major.  Just decor.

Note, I do have a docking station for phone chargers, mail, receipts and so on near the door which is where the photo is taken from.  And, I have the calendar on the right wall.  Another good thing to note is that there is not space for a full wall length bench or shelf due to doors on each end.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!   Tomorrow I will post some laundry room inspiration photos, but they are not specific to this room…  just general fun laundry rooms.


Update 8/11/11:  I made some 3d sketches of design ideas.


  1. This is exciting – and your laundry room is sooooo nice and big – that’s really great. I’m glad you’re keeping everything (meaning counterops, cabinets, and flooring) and just sprucing up the decor. How do you use the space other than the obvious? Is it a main entry for you and do you use the entry a lot? If so, I would definitely incorporate some hooks for bags, coats, hats, etc. I guess I’d be interested in seeing your inspiration pictures before giving further suggestions. I would love to see stripes but maybe only on the longest open wall. Looking forward to seeing your inspiration shots.

    • Holly, thanks for the comment! We use it as a mud room and laundry room. We enter and exit through it to the garage. So, most every time we leave. And, there is also an exterior door to the side yard in there that we use occasionally. So, it’s definitely the place where we drop our stuff. We have a great method for keys and such, but I’m interested in hooks for jackets or hats. The inspiration photos are of fantastic laundry rooms/ mud rooms, but not specifically for my vision for this space. Just general inspiration. Hope that helps!

  2. due to your comment above i would definitely add some hooks somewhere for jackets, keys, etc. i love the symbol artwork in there- i think it fits the wall nicely.
    i also think the green is fun, but knowing me i would get sick of it, so if you are feeling sick of it change it! but if you aren’t then keep it- it’s a nice pop of color in a small space.

  3. living room looks great! small changes can make a whole lot of difference! :)
    laundry room is fun color!

  4. Oh I love the green!! I love laundry rooms that are bright or a fun color. I think the symbol art would be fabulous in there. I really wanted to paint our laundry room a color called Hot Lips from Benjamin Moore, but the ol’ hubby put the axe on it :) I will get it eventually heehee. I love that space you have there though!! That area is so useable!!!! Good luck!!!

  5. WOW I love the apple green color walls in your laundry room. Thats so funny that you posted this. I want to revamp my laundry room but paint it a Tiffany blue..lol
    You have such a large laundry room, I wish mine was that big. Love the before and after

  6. Keep the green. It is a good color that you wouldn’t necessarily use in a larger room. Find some interesting type of coat rack, or make one. Hang up the symbols or any other stuff that won’t go in another place. Then move on. Don’t obsess about the laundry room. Life is too short. Ann

  7. That is the *biggest* laundry room I have ever seen! Oh the possibilities, right? (c: I love the fresh green color…so great for a laundry room…I think I’m going to have to reserve my comments on what to do until I see what your inspiration pics for tomorrow look like…I am definitely with you on the benches, you have the space for it!

  8. I love the apple green! I think doing a large scale stencil in white would really brighten up the room. I like the art, and think it will be cute on the walls over a long DIY bench. As far as the bench, I’m thinking just a long bench top with maybe some cubbies beneath it for storage? And since you use it so much, I think a set of coat hooks is definitely a must!

  9. I have a couple of questions first. Other than laundry, what is this room used for? Is it used as an entryway/mudroom? What are your favorite colors? And do you have any must haves for the room? Also, are you willing to do any demo?

    • Hi Kasha! It’s a laundry room and mud room, used for laundry, dropping off keys and bills, entering and exiting, going out to the side yard. No demo, nothing permanent in fact as we are in the position of our home being worth a little less than when we bought it in 2009, yet we could have to sell in a year or two (it’s very up in the air but a possibility, so we prefer to be able to take anything we do with us other than paint). Favorite colors? They change a lot, but I’m into blues and greens. However, I can appreciate many color combos. My home is mostly blues and greens right now. I would consider blue, but the kitchen is within eye shot and it has a blue wall. Must haves are coat hooks, a bench and a mirror of some kind. Hope that helps.

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