Printable Business Cards

So, I ordered these new business cards from the Etsy shop sweetbeaker earlier this year.  Aren’t they awesome?  She did a great job on mine.


However, in May I got my own domain name and email for my business.  That meant that portion of the business card information changed.   It was time to order more even though I hadn’t used the entire box of 48 yet.

So, since I’m taking the Photoshop class and all, I decided to try making my own this time.  I made something similar, but my own version of it.  Here they are.



And, last but not least, gray.


They were fun to make.  I do recommend sweetbeaker as it’s much easier.  I plan to print these at Kinkos.

Here is Jenn at Made By Girl’s version of chevron business cards.




  1. absolutely ADORABLE!!! i love them!!!

  2. You did a great job. I need to take a photoshop class. I took a semester of it back when I was in fashion school but didn’t feel I got the learning experience I needed.

  3. Kristy you did a great job! Super cute.

  4. You had my attention at “printables”! That is so awesome that you are going to be doing that! As my 2 year-old likes to say “I *so* excited!” (c:

  5. These look so great! In fact, I like yours better than the other girl’s because they have more waves (three peaks at the bottom as opposed to just two). I like the look better. :) Way to go!

  6. You did a great job. Stuff like this is just so beyond me, it’s not even funny. I feel like an old lady!

  7. Can you design one for me with only my first and last name? I love the pink chevron card witha cursive type font like the font on the pink card “made by girl” used. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Stephanie Young

  8. These are so cute! I have been looking for a printable card for a small business I am just starting. Would you add my info onto some of your cards? Ariel’s Cake Pops , , , 281-960-8858.

  9. I’d love the templates for the green and pink chevron business cards please.

  10. Myello! are you by chance giving these templates away for personal use?! I’d totally absolutely LOVE one in the yellow or teal! Could you email me? Or how can this work?! Thanks ever so much!

  11. Hi would you beable to send me the link for the business cards?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi, Would you email the template for the business cards. Thanks!

  13. If you are by any chance giving out the chevron business card template, I would absolutely love to get it as well.

  14. Would you be willing to share your chevron business card template for personal use? I would love the teal if you are willing to share.

  15. Hi, these are fab! Love them. If you dont mind, could you email me the link too please?

  16. Candice Hallack

    If you are still up for sharing, I would love the template for the grey chevron business card. :)

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