Update on E-Design Winner

I gave away a free e-design at the end of April.  Shelley from the wonderful blog Crazy Wonderful won it.  If you aren’t a regular to her blog you should be – she’s funny, down to earth and an amazing diy-er.

Here is the plan we came up with.   The design plan involved a ton of diy projects, conceptual ideas and firm ideas, along with a layout of where it all will go.


She’s working away on transforming the room. The plan involved a sunburst and topiaries on the fireplace mantle.  She found a fabulous sunburst tutorial that is a similar size to the one on the story board, but way better than the one I suggested.  Being so sweet, she told me about it and asked if I thought it would work.  Absolutely!   So, she made it!

Then, she made her own topiaries to flank it.

She sent me photos of the fireplace area so far and I was so excited that I asked if I could share!


Can you believe this is all diy?  I love the life that the green brings in.  And, isn’t that mirror awesome!   What a simple yet grand statement.


And, here it was before.  She had a fabulous room to start with, but I LOVE seeing transformations, especially those that I got to play a small role in!


Thank you Shelley for keeping me updated and allowing my readers to see your awesome creations!  For more information, be sure to visit her blog!



  1. Aw, thanks so much Kristy :) You are the sweetest!

  2. Love that mirror! Your design is amazing and I can’t wait to see more.

  3. That sunburst mirror is ridiculously good! I can’t believe it’s a DIY…definitely need to go check this talented girl out! Thanks for the recommendation (c:

  4. Your design board is great and you had a great room to start with – I love that fireplace.

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