Update on Last Post – Master Sitting Area

I took your advice from the previous post.  I put the sunburst up and the rug back in. I also changed out the pillows one more time.

The chevron pillow is navy and white like the trellis pillow in the chair and the ones on the bed. Better?

I am still tossing around the idea of putting a stenciled canvas or piece of wood behind it to layer it.   Thanks!


  1. I love the rug and the sunburst mirror looks fabulous! I love chevron, did you make the pillow?


  2. I don’t know if you like yellow, but I keep ‘seeing’ a bright yellow blanket on the left side of the couch. ????? It’s looking GREAT with what you have done. The mirror makes it more serene. :-)

  3. I LOVE the way that looks. Don’t move a thing!

  4. This looks great. I am biased because I have the same mirror, but mine is in my dining room. I just love them. So cozy and peaceful.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Kristy! I think it looks great with the cowhide, and I’m glad you decided to revisit it. My interior designs swear by hides, and their style is very contemporary. I know when I look at things too long in my house I become entirely indecisive.

    Love your blog!

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