What I Like About My Salon

It’s not so much getting my hair done.  It’s the eye candy.  Every nook and cranny is filled with art.  I can’t get enough!   I heart the salon that I use.  Some of these photos are from my cell phone which isn’t great, so I apologize.  Others are from their website.  It goes along with my recent post on street art. Enjoy!


image image



waycoolbathroom waycoolbathroomdoor

image image


waycoolclothes waycooldoor



waycoolgold image



image waycoolstoplight2



  1. how awesome is that!

  2. Sign me up! That place is way rad!!! And as a design junkie, I’m all about that amazing yellow chair…pure awesome sauce on that radical sundae (c:

  3. Wow, that place looks amazing.

  4. Wish I could go back! Do they still have the car on the wall?

    • They do still have the yellow car on the wall! I couldn’t get a good photo of it due to lighting and well, it was my cell phone.

  5. That is one funky hair salon. Am I mistaken or are they making a wig for the mannequin out of peeps??? Way too cool.

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