12 Great DIY Art Ideas

Art can be expensive.  If you are on a tight budget, it may make sense to do-it-yourself.  Here are some inexpensive and fun ideas for diy art.  All can be found on my Pinterest account.  Or, click on the image to be taken to the source.

Not all of these are meant to be diy projects, but I think they can be!

1.  Made with bamboo.


2.  Can be created from scrap wood.  There are endless possibilities here.  This particular one is sold in an etsy store, but you sure could also make this with time and the right materials.


3.  Have an old guitar and some pottery that you can smash up?


4.  Made from PVC pipes.  You could even paint them!


5.  How fun does this look?   It’s from an etsy shop.  But, you could do it yourself. Check out the Pinterest page for the finished product photo.  What if you did this on a spinner?


6.  Make your own version of a juju hat.


7.  Made from rolled magazine pages.  I’m not sure how easy it’d be, but it’s great to look at!


8.  Isn’t this silhouette art extra cool?  I adore the “fun” blog that posted this image.  I love her improv videos.  She’s a girl after my own heart!


9.  Paint chip art.


10.  Have some paint and bubble wrap?   You can easily do this as a craft project with your kiddos.


11.  This was created with washers.


12.  Thumbtacks on an old globe.


Not to mention, all the many many fabulous diy sunburst tutorials that are out there!  There is so much you can do.  Check out my Pinterest folder for more ideas!

Feeling a little crafty?

What are your favorite diy projects (here, in my folder or elsewhere)?



  1. Hi Kristy, I’ve been reading you’re blog for an while. I love your before the paparazzi series. I’m a big fan of DIY art and that DIY juju hat and silhouette art is inspiring. Recently I did a few paintings that I loved including a Ballard Designs Knockoff which were so much more economical.

    Thanks for some wonderful ideas as usual,

  2. The number 5 gave me an idea to try that melting of crayons on cardboard. That is pretty brilliant of art to think of. All of these DIY projects you are presenting are very valuable for me.

  3. Ok….I absolutely LOVE just about EVERYTHING in your Pinterest folder. I’m about to take the leap (been wanting to for awhile!)…just been busy! :-)

  4. Very cool! Some great ideas for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. What fun DIY art! I really like the thumbtack globe and washer art (I guess I have a thing for silver today :) )

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