A Painted Sofa?

My painted chairs have gotten a little bit of attention, but how about this painted sofa!


Okay, this painted sofa AND this fabulous photo.  So cute.  I love how it was taken outside…   These two friends painted this sofa to use as a prop for a birthday party!  That’s what it looked like THREE gallons of primer and ONE gallon of paint later!

Obviously, they went about it differently than I did with my two painted chairs.  And, I should clarify, there is no indication that their inspiration came from either of my chairs.  I haven’t been able to get in touch with them, though.

Since they weren’t too concerned about texture afterward, they could literally just paint it with no worries.  So, they threw on Kilz oil based primer and then pink paint!  They describe it as feeling like plastic.

It started out like this.


Amazing, though, right?  Very fun.  Very creative for a party!



  1. I saw that yesterday somewhere. Looks very cool. Many, you have inspired a lot of people. Way to go.

  2. just last night i saw a couch on craigslist that i was thinking…. hmm… maybe i could paint it for our bedroom…. :)

  3. Um, what?! How is that even possible?! Awesome!

  4. I love that, the color, style everything!! I have a little bench screaming to have this done but I just can’t pull the trigger…

  5. Thank you so much for featuring our couch. Nope, we thought we were the only ones to ever think of painting a couch. I guess great minds think alike. hee hee Actually, Melissa bought this couch to reupholster and then found another one that she liked more so we decided to paint it. We both love it. I am going to check out your painted chairs right now. I’m sorry about not getting back to you sooner. We were doing a fundraiser for my sister and I didn’t have a chance to check on my blog for a week or so. Thanks again and have a great week! Carrie

  6. Have you tried painting a faded outdoor patio umbrella?

    If not, do you have any suggestions about what you would do differently than painting an indoor chair?

    • Wow, I haven’t… but I do own one. :) Maybe I should! Actually, I would consider Simply Spray for that, I think. As long as you’re using a mainstream color. I’m meeting with them next week and will walk away with samples. I may try to do my umbrella… Good idea! Otherwise, I’d think it’s like a lamp shade and I know that has been done… but it may be tougher to close once it’s painted. I’m really not sure, but would love to hear how it goes!

  7. Cookie Angeletti

    How do you think Rit Dye would work to paint on a fabric chair or sofa in stead of paint? I have always thought fabric on a chair or sofa should be able to be changed by painting. Thanks for the step by step.
    The chair I am interested in painting has a nubby texture almost like a tweed. How do you think this
    will accept the paint or dye?

    Thank you again for your Blog.

    • The last one on this list of examples uses rit dye.


      It’s an option, but I’ve never tried it myself. I did JUST get a bunch of samples of Simply Spray and it’s essentially a dye. I have now sprayed one patio sofa cushion with it and it worked pretty well. It did not affect the texture. I plan to do an entire 4-5 week series soon on it… and give my thoughts on what it works well for and not so well for…

      So, that is an option. However, there are limited colors available.

      The nubby fabric concerns me the most. It will be harder to paint as having a brush go back and forth on it could damage it/ pull nubs out. Spraying could create more nubs/ even lint.

      So, I’d first test a pillow or an underside of a cushion.

      Every fabric is different as it will depend on how absorbent it is, how the texture is affected and so on.

      Hope that helps some!

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