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Guess what?    My blog got a new look!

Today, I thought I’d share a design I’ve worked on for a client.  I did an in-house consult and then worked up a design plan for her which is comprised of three story boards.  My client will then implement the plan in her own time.

She has the most beautiful home (and she is beautiful)!  And, knows design blogs.  What a great client to work with!

Here is the main space we were working on – her family room.

IMG_5940 (640x480)

She plans to paint the woodwork white and remove the pointy ends below the upper shelf on the left.  She isn’t planning to keep much else in the room.   The furniture was from a previous home and she was willing to part with it.

IMG_5942 (640x480)

She was ready to make the house more her style which had recently evolved into color, clean lines, eclectic feel.  She cited family rooms from 6th Street Design School, Isabella and Max, and Knight Moves as inspiration.

Here are some of the things she required.

- No white sofa due to having children.
- Sectional.
- More color, but with a neutral base.
- Gray walls.
- Antlers.
- Maybe a stencil.

I got right to work and the first iteration of my design board(s) looked like this.  I say boards because I had to make a few suggestions for the adjoining eat-in kitchen so it would all flow and I split the family room into two boards – one for the main area and one for the window area.

Three story boards in total.  And, below you will find three variations of those three boards.

The first is the eat-in kitchen, the second board is the window area in the family room, and the third is the main family room space.


The yellow chevron curtains were a little too jarring for her and not quite neutral enough, so we tamed that down.  She really preferred an overall neutral palette that she could easily change with accessories.  She aslo wasn’t too big on the globes, so we changed it to chairs, and made a few other tweaks.  We ended up here.


Would you like a closer look?


- So, the sectional will go in front of the fireplace.  Then, there will be two wingback chairs flanking a green dresser by the window for extra seating.  See the next story board for that.

- The deer head is just a place holder, as I suggested one from Z Gallerie that is painted glossy red, with a large frame around it for a whimsical, unexpected element.

- She will install a false back on the shelves 12-15 inches back in order to help them not swallow up the display items on them.  Plus, then there is cool secret storage.


This is the area by the window.

- The subway art will be commissioned in a custom size to fill up most of the blank wall.

- The stencil that you see in the upper left will be on all of the walls in a very subtle colorway.

- There will be two wingback chairs flanking the green dresser, which the client will paint herself.

- Don’t you love that tripod floor lamp?


I had to just touch on the eat-in kitchen so that things are kept consistent.

- The pendant lighting will be over an island.

- The hardware is for the cabinets.

- I suggested that she recovers her dining chairs in a fabric similar to this.

- The area rug is consistent with the other area rug, but in a different pattern.

Then, if she wants to change it up a bit, she can change just a few things and take out the red for a more spring-y feel.


I loved working on it and cannot wait to see the room finished!

What do you think?   Which version of the three do you prefer (with gray curtains, yellow curtains, gray that is more springy)?

Like the new blog look?



  1. I love these posts and she has a gorgeous home. Color is going to be fabulous in this space!! I’m more partial to yellow but I love the variation that was eventually decided on too. Looking forward to seeing updates.

  2. Its so hard to choose. I like them all really.

    The blog looks amazing!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. wow I love the design board! She has a gorgeous room to work with!

  4. oh wow! LOVE THEM ALL. Cant wait to see it all finished!!

  5. They all look great. And your header is awesome! Haha, chevron always reminds me of you, now. Love it!

  6. I love the combination of grey/blue/green. It’s going to be a stunning room and I hope we get to see all the steps along the way.

  7. Hey Kristy! The site looks great! I actually like the first layoutl with that sectional the room looks so cozy =)

    • Thanks, Tia! Do you mean the first set of three with the yellow chevron curtains? The area is a set of three story boards and there are three sets of three.

      • Sorry! My brain was working faster than my fingers haha! =) I like the Yellow, even though the homeowner is not too keen on them, I really like the pop of color. ( I kind of have a crush on yellow ha!)

  8. Oh wow! I’m loving the design board. Someday I want dining room chairs in a similar color & fabric.

  9. This is awesome as it feels fresh and modern with some timeless elements. Love the colors. Brilliant about the false back on the shelves. She is going to be so happy in the end.

  10. First of all, loving the new blog look! And second, your boards are fantastic! Love the chairs you have chosen! I liked the bright pop of yellow for the curtains but the grey is definitely more chic!

  11. I really like it! The yellow curtains would be fun, but I can see how she might want something more neutral long-term.

    The blog design looks great!

  12. Love your choices…all feel very modern and fresh. I think that I prefer the grey chevron draperies over the yellow. I think it is more grown up and calm. Is the sectional going to be that warm a beige/brown? I think it really should be much more cool pushing grey much more with the palette that you have chosen. I didn’t know if it was just the read of the computer screen. Great job! Your boards look great!

  13. Love! Where do you get your antlers?

    • Thanks for your sweet comment. I generally don’t give client sources out, but I will say that many stores such as West Elm and Z Gallery are carrying animal heads/ antlers right now!

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