Juju What? Trend Alert.

I was watching Dear Genevieve this past week and saw that she used a Juju hat for wall art in an office.  She explained that it’s a Cameroonian headdress made of dyed chicken feathers.  I was amazed by the texture and color it added to the space.

I suppose this is where the phrase “bad juju” comes from.

So the question I have for you is:  is it for you?   They are a conversation piece as well as art.  I love bright color, so I can’t help but be drawn to these richly saturated pieces. What a statement.

I almost wish they were bigger.  Most are around 30 inches in diameter.  Framed, it’d be great! 

I love this purple one that Table Tonic displays, for a little something unique.  This store sells a variety of colors. 


Stephanie at Cre8tive Designs ordered one and loves it.  This is hers.


It folds up like this.


And, here is one that Candace Olsen used in a bedroom.


I have proposed one for a client to go over their fireplace.  Right now, besides the red, I also have my eye on this vibrant yellow.



According to the etsy shop that sells this hat, “The African feathered headdress Juju Hat (Tyn hat) originates from Cameroon and was worn by royalty and medicine men, who used them during dance ceremonies.This Vintage Tyn (JuJu) is made of feathers tightly sewn onto a raffia base and the finished product folds neatly into a cylindrical shape.”

What do you think?



  1. Oh yes I love these, I’d like one in every color! Actually I’ve asked a friend who is traveling to Africa to bring me one back, I didn’t know you can get them elsewhere. Maybe I’ll do that, how if I can only pick a color…

  2. I can’t say enough about the texture and overall feel of the Juju hat. I love them clustered, but they are pricey so I guess I will have to stick with one. A company in Australia makes them in petite sizes, but they are always sold out and plus the shipping would kill the price.

  3. OMG I LOVE these. I would take one in about 10 different colors. My only stipulation is that my Juju hat would only bring GOOD Juju…no bad Juju hat for me please!!

  4. They’re so pretty, and look like they’d feel amazing to touch :D They’re probably too rich for my blood though.

  5. I remember seeing these a while ago and thought that they were so much fun! I love the colors & texture.

  6. Candice Olsen did a tremendous job with this…not sure I have the guts to use it in my own home!

  7. couldn’t do them – all I can think of is serious dust magnets!

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