3d Views of Client Storyboards

I wanted to give my client a visual of the sets of story boards that I showed you earlier in the week.  To remind you, here is one set.  Or, you can get more information from the link above.


So I threw together a 3d view of her space.  It’s definitely not perfect, but the image should give her an idea of the main elements in the space.  Especially if we change the coffee table to an ottoman and break the sectional into a sofa and loveseat. The furniture is not the actual furniture, but is the actual color. The stencil on the wall, rugs and curtains are also the actual patterns on those discussed.

Not every piece is identical to the story boards.  It’s mainly a representation so that she can visualize the space.   It should help just a tiny bit with the old imagination.

First with yellow curtains, just in case!   Please note that the kitchen is off to the left of the dining table.  And, the entertainment center area is going to be painted white, so it’s represented roughly in white.


And, here is the space with the gray curtains that she preferred in the story boards.


Click on it for a larger view.

All accessories are not represented (flowers on the table, items on the end table, items on the dresser, and so on). It will, of course, feel much more finished with those items.

What do you think?  Is this 3d view of the space helpful?

We just about done with the space, but are discussing other rugs.

Also, I am guest posting over at Type A Decorating today.  Hop over to check it out.



  1. That is so stinking cool!

  2. The 3D is such a cool tool! I love seeing how the yellow curtains look compared to the gray and even how a sofa and love seat looks vs. a sectional.

  3. 3D is wonderful!! Even more a fan of the yellow now!

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