Meet My Family Room

My family room has been done for about a year.  I’m always tweaking it and I change the furniture layout for Christmas, but here is how it is currently.  Since it is a room I have not yet blogged about, I thought I’d introduce you!  I’ve been a little nervous about posting it as it’s sort of a love it or hate it room.  A bit controversial or so it seems.  Hope you like it!

These photos are taken with my new camera!  I hope you can see an improvement in image quality. I’ve been adding new images to the tour page.  I still have my master bedroom to go.






We took a chance with the bold zebra rug, but it does add a certain whimsical touch and additional pattern.  The hubs doesn’t like it, but we can easily change it out in a year or two when we tire of this design.  Good thing is, it was just from Wal-Mart, so not too pricey.

The sofa is custom from Bassett Furniture.
The chairs are outdoor chairs from Lowe’s.
The old chest in the corner is a Craigslist find.
The mirror hanging on the wall is from IKEA.
The painting is from Pier 1, but I altered it by painting over the original colors.

What did it look like just before we moved in?


And now.


Hope you enjoyed the tour!   These images are now added to my Home Tour page.

This is your last chance to enter the stencil giveaway, so if you haven’t entered, please take a few minutes to do it now.  Drawing is tonight at 6pm PST.

Next week will be a RamSign giveaway for house numbers!



  1. I still can’t believe how your room looks now, compared to how it was before ya’ll moved in! I am a big fan of your family room…the zebra rug looks fantastic in there and I love all of the blues and greens…very peaceful, yet fun at the same time. The new camera shots are great, good job!

  2. I am in love. Those are some of my most favorite colors!! I LOVE the rug. I would just tell the hubs that it is just like hunting, it’s technically a dead animal?!! My husband often tells me I must actually have been born in Jersey and not Nebraska due to my love of animal prints. He is just jealous :)

  3. I love your wild living room! You have so many little touches that make it fun…the zebra rug, the ribbon on the pillows, the fun accessories, and I am still impressed that those are outdoor chairs!!! Awesome. Completely awesome! You always leave me impressed with the pictures of your house!

  4. Beth Giannini

    I really like your family room. I think I like everything about it! Greens and browns are the colors I lean towards mostly, you’d be kind of surprised in you were to look at my house right now. But I really like the teal & bright green trend these days, so I really like this room!

  5. Isnt it always so great to get a new camera!

    The photos look so great!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. LOVE it! The rug is so fun–I have a zebra print rug too! As far as the giveaway goes, scrapbooking’s not my thing, but I’m sure other readers would love the software.

  7. This room is AWESOME!!! Love the colors and the rug is a keeper. Your camera takes great pictures. I’m sure you’re having fun playing with your new toy.

  8. Dude! (dudette) It looks fabulous!! The room and the photos both look so professional. Nice job :)

  9. The room looks AMAZING!!! And I officially would like to have your camera! ;-)

  10. it’s so you and so pretty. the rug adds the right amount of drama!

  11. Love it. Beautiful as usual!

  12. Hi Kristy, I really love your living room, the colors all blend so well together, and I especially love the zebra rug…do you know if Wal-Mart still carries it? You are such a great decorator!
    have a wonderful day,
    p.s. I want to start painting my chair I picked up from the side of the road…does it matter if the fabric has a print on it?

  13. Ahhhh!!!! I knew it would be fabulous :D Love all of the color, and of course the fun zebra! I could definitely hang out there.

  14. What’s not to love??? I think it’s great! Love the zebra rug!

  15. You’re nervous posting this…have you read my blog? :P

  16. The the neutral base with the added blue and green!

  17. I can totally tell those pictures are from your new camera! They look awesome. As so does your family room! I love the punches of color and the zebra rug. I am going to go check out Kate’s blog, her hair is to die for! LOL

  18. So beautiful. I would love for you to link this up at my linky that runs Friday through Monday. Love the colors, love everything.

  19. I LOVE this room! Totally my style. It looks like a magaizine. You did a great job. I love how you mixed and matched things so that it doesn’t look like a SET, but it all works together. Kudos.

  20. Oh wow this is so perfect. I’m actually trying to do a brown and green and blue living room, what great inspiration! The room looks gorgeous!

  21. It is beautiful! My family room is waiting for a fabulous makeover! Thanks for some inspiration and linking up with us at Show & Share!


  22. Love what you have done with your family room. I love the colors and the room arrangement. It is neat that you used so many different sources for your design. It sure pulled together nicely. I have that same turquoise pillow. The one with the circles on it. Your colors really speak to me. I am a new follower. Ginger

  23. Beautiful! I love before and afters they really drive home the change! :) Come link up tomorrow for the Roomspiration link party!

  24. I am going to feature you on Thursday afternoon. Love this reveal. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  25. LOVE the color scheme! Teal & brown is one of my favorite combinations! (and the little bit of green is nice too!) I’m a new follower — thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today! :)

  26. How can such a beautiful room be controversial? It looks awesome, and I’m ALL about that zebra rug. Totally makes the room. Thanks for linking up to the roomspiration party today! :)

  27. {Love} the color scheme. Very nice. I need a livingroom that looks like that! I’m a new follower too! =)

    Carri @ Redefining C

  28. This room is so AWESOME! You did a great job. Might I ask what pain color you used? I’m a new follower also :)

  29. Me again! :) Just wanted to let you know I’m featuring your fabulous living room tomorrow (Monday.) Feel free to grab a button to show you’ve been featured. Thanks for linking up!

    (The html for my button is in my sidebar.) :)

  30. WOW!!! I came across this from View Along The Way! LOVE IT. My sister and I run a blog and we feature things we both like, and we’d LOVE to pot a picture of your room and link it to you! Is that ok? Seriously love this living room, thanks for being part of the roomspiration!

  31. Hi Kristy, I just found your website and absolutely love it! I’ve been looking for a theme to tie in my espresso and beige colored sectional, swivel chair and ottoman. I want to use your living room as an inspiration for my accent color of blue, turquoise and teal. My QUESTION is, in your original pictures your sectional cushions look like they are separate and (your couch is a different color as well) how did you go about changing the color and pulling the cushions together to look like it’s part of the couch rather than a bunch of cushions on it. Please let me know, im having the same dilemma right now :)

    thanks in advance,

    • Hi Sobia! Thanks so much for the comment. I’m not completely following you, though. My sofa is solid and one color – it’s called Almond and is a microfiber fabric. It could have been that it was brushed in a different direction on the cushions making them look darker in spots? The cushions on the sectional do not come off at all. They are actually attached. I would do it differently today, but two years ago, I went with attached because I hate when they look disheveled… Attached guaranteed they’d always look to be in the right spot. Anyway, does that answer the question at all?

  32. thanks for responding so promptly! i think i just realized that your first picture isn’t your furniture, it’s before you moved in? I was mistaken that the first picture was a before shot of YOUR furniture and the other pictures were an after. I actually have the detached cushions and they get so annoying, I’m looking for a way to have attached cushions for my sectional. I had the misconception that you came up with a way to attach the cushions to the sectional, but that was my misconception. I am so sorry for the confusion!!! I hope I kind of made sense now! :) lol.

    • Ohh, that totally makes sense. I never thought about that, but they are similar enough in color that it could look like the same sofa. The previous owners had a sofa and sectional (shown in the before photo) and we just had a sectional. I agree, I dislike throw pillows like they had as they do tend to look like a bunch of pillows… I like a more tailored look, but not sure I’d actually have them fully attached. Why? Well, if one got stained, I like the option of flipping it over to the other side. :) Thanks again for stopping by!

  33. p.s. are there any other accent colors you would’ve used with the beige and espresso furniture asides the blue/green theme?

  34. I have scoured the internet looking for that blue houndstooth pillow! I love it! Could you share where you found it? Thanks!

    • Oh my word, I’ve had that for so long (maybe 6 yrs) that I can’t remember… maybe tj maxx? Mentioned you in my post last night. :)

  35. I LOVE your style!! So, it’s been a year… is your room still like this?? ;)

    • Ha! Nope. That was in Phoenix. I since lived in an Austin rental for a few months and now we bought a home in Austin. Totally sold all of that but the sectional. Started over. You can see what we’re working on in the new house on the Tour page.

  36. Is there any chance you remember where you got those pillows from? I have been searching for that design and color forever.

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