I don’t watch a ton of HGTV these days, but a few shows still catch my attention – anything with Sarah Richardson, Design Star, My First Place and now, Secrets from a Stylist, Home by Novogratz.  Robert and Courtney Novogratz are a husband and wife design team out of NYC.  Their style?  Colorful, a bit of vintage, a bit of contemporary and great art.    They are pictured below with their seven kids.


People seem to either love or hate their design aesthetic.  I love it, personally…  so far.  It’s full of creativity and thinking outside the box.  It almost always has an unexpected whimsical element or two or three or…

Here are some examples of their work.





I’ll interrupt you to provide you with some background information on them.

In 1996, the couple bought and restored a condemned home.  This made them realize they loved the process.  In 1998, they used the equity from the house to buy a manufacturing building for nearly $500,000. They remade the manufacturing building as a home and built a new house on the parking lot.  A few years later, they sold the properties for around $10 million.  Soon the mister went from being a stock broker to doing this full time with Courtney.   Flipping buildings.  Four years ago, they officially started their design business, Sixx Designs.  Starting in 2009, they were on a reality show on Bravo (which I never watched) and are now on HGTV.   They run a hotel, just opened a retail store, do design work and care for seven children.  Wow…

Loving the light boxes.


They designed a basement on one of the HGTV episodes.  Below is the art area for the kids.


Then, there is the adult area, but highlighted below is the art in that area.  I love the flag art made of bottle tops and other metal objects.  The large photo wallpaper was also nice.  Above, you get a glimpse of the “shrink art” that an artist made of all of the kids’ artwork.


And, my favorite, the slide.


Here is a room from their hotel (Bungalow) on the Jersey shore.


What do you think?  Do you like their style?



  1. Did you see the episode from this past weekend where they worked in a music classroom down in Orlando? I thought what they did was great and so wonderful for the school. I really like Courtney but I go back and forth with Robert. Some of their designs aren’t necessarily my taste, but I love that they put their own spin on things and that they can mix high and low.

    • Holly, no! I have it set to record, but I guess that didn’t record. Maybe one of the hubby’s shows trumped it. I’ll have to watch for a rerun or look it up as it sounds like it’d be cool.

  2. i have liked their work before, but i have been watching the show and i have to admit that i am not a fan of the work they have done on the show yet. i was kinda disappointed.

  3. You are making me more of a creeper every day!! LOL. Um this is one of my favorite new shows. I actually watched the Bravo show for a bit. It was not horrible actually. I absolutely LOVED the “Family” rug in that loft. I would love to have that in my kids playroom/family (duh) room. The first episode they did with the two girls (maybe sisters?) in a townhome that they did in almost a cartoon-like design int he one room? That totally hooked me. I guess I am a sucker for bright colors and they love them some color!!

    • I love that rug, too! The first rug they put in, I was like too small, what are they thinking, then minutes later they say that and change it to a larger one. So much better and the colors were way better! I loved the design in the townhome as well. We are of one mind. :)

  4. to modern for me, i love the light boxes and the french chairs, but i’m more Candice Olson. lol

    • Candace Olsen rocks! However, a lot of her designs start looking very similar after a while. I think that is why I found this show refreshing.

  5. I love their style! I watched the Bravo show when I could and love that they’re on HGTV now. For me, the appeal is their use of vintage items and thinking WAAAAY outside the box!
    Speaking of HGTV, Sarah Richardson is my all time fav show, I like Secrets of a Stylist and a few other design shows but I’m sick and tired of House Hunters! I’m more than ready for more design shows and way less of the house hunting.

  6. oh i did watch their show on Bravo, and was so disappointed when it didn’t come back! i’m so stoked to see them on HGTV!! they are quirky, and extremely talented!! one word i used to describe them to my hubs.. BRAVE! they’re not afraid to go BIG, BOLD, and out of the BOX! :)

  7. It’s been awhile since I got to browse my favorite blogs – I really enjoyed looking through your posts! San Diego looks amazing. Chris and I want to go sometime now that we are a bit closer too :) Just wanted to drop in and say ‘Hi!’ and that your blog has helped me so much in the little bit of decorating I have managed to do here in CO.

  8. I LOVE the Novogratz! I love, love, love their style and design philosophy. I’m so glad they have another show, I was so sad when their season on Bravo ended.

  9. I absolutely love their style and have loved the show every since I first caught it last year:)

  10. I really enjoyed their show on Bravo, but the HGTV version isn’t as good in my opinion. I like that they take risks and are eclectic. I don’t always like what they do, but that’s ok. Their family seems cool. I can’t fathom 7 kids anywhere, let alone NY.

  11. Dang overachievers … why can’t they just stay home with only two kids and eat chocolate and watch tv like the rest of us … lol … Unfortunately we don’t get those shows down here but I’ve seen pics of their work and I do like it. I like Candice too … but have to agree that it starts to look the same after awhile, but that is not necessarily a bad thing either.

    Suzy xxx

  12. “Like” would be a severe understatement! I definitely think they are *insane* for having seven children, but I gotta hand it to them, they make everything look so EASY! Blast them for being good at *everything*! And I just can’t get enough (c;

  13. love the light boxes – was thinking of doing the ‘family ‘ thing on canvases in my living room above my couch…..

  14. I like The Novogratz…. though I do like Emily & Secrets from a Stylist too.

  15. I’ve never seen their show but I do love Design Star. Have you ever watched Color Splash with David Bromstad? I love watching his show!

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