San Diego Trip – More Photos

Yesterday, I shared photos from Coronado Island which is located just 5 miles west of downtown San Diego, California.  Today, I want to share some photos from the rest of my tour of the area.  That’s me on the boat cruise that toured the harbor which is the narrow body of water between the mainland and Coronado Island.  Can you say windy?!   I almost lost my hat a time or two.


Again, to orient you, here is a map of the general area.  Most of these photos are from near downtown, north of the map on the coast or of the north bay.


Now, I feel a little silly, but… many of my inland photos did not turn out well because the camera settings got changed in the course of pulling it out of my purse at some point.  So, I lost many photos.   After Coronado Island, we went through Balboa park, La Jolla, Old Town and on a tour of the bay/ harbor.

We started in the Gaslamp Quarter.

IMG_6063 (640x480)

Balboa park is located just north of downtown and is the home to museums and the zoo.


This is one of the largest pipe organs.  They have weekly concerts here on Sundays at 2pm.


Then, off to La Jolla.  Now, these pics are some of those that were ruined, but, I wanted to show you something, so here are a few.  I really have to go back to La Jolla as the beaches were awesome and the shopping was amazing.

Driving into La Jolla.  One thing that you will find that is different here than many places is that the suburbs are compartmentalized due to the hills.  When on the freeway, you are often driving between hills which is very different from most freeways where you can see expanse off to the sides.


The beach.  Doesn’t that look like a giant hand in the cave?


I loved seeing the seals on the beach!


And, a few, though messed up, of Old Town.  Old town is the original downtown of San Diego before it was moved closer to the bay.  It’s now tourist shops.


This is when my foot started hurting.


Then, off on a cruise of the harbor.  Here is a glimpse of our tour boat.


The city from the boat.


You know you are protected, if not by the Navy, by the coast guard or police!



I loved seeing all of the different types of ships in the harbor.  There were so many!






I love this shot as it shows the boats, the city and the airport.  See the big yellow jet?




If you really like ships and history, there is the Maritime Museum where you can tour the following ships.  This is a ship that was seen in Pirates of the Caribbean.


This is a Russian submarine that was seen in the Hunt for Red October.


And, this is the Star of India.  She went around the world 21 times and is now retired in SD.


We also saw seals and sea lions sunning in the harbor.




A submarine out of the water, yet carefully guarded.


That shadow of land is Tijuana, Mexico.


And, back to shore.  On the way back, docked at the mainland is the USS Midway.  It’s a naval aircraft carrier that is now retired.  We toured her the following day.


Hope you enjoyed seeing more of San Diego with us!  Despite the injury, it was an awesome trip!



  1. This is making me want to travel! I have been to San Diego once – probably about 10 years ago, but I would certainly go back in a heartbeat. Great pictures! Hope you’re back to 100% soon.

  2. Hi Kristy, You won’t believe this….I was in San Diego last weekend, my husband is working in Brawley which is 2 hours from San Diego in the desert. We drove into San Diego Friday and toured the city and I flew out for home on Sunday. Did you go view the ocean from the Nazarene college? It was the most breath taking views…it sets upon a very high cliff and it is very private….just beautiful, we got to enjoy watching the sun go down over the ocean. Wish I knew you were there, I would have loved meeting you!
    have a great day,
    p.s. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love the cave picture…totally didn’t notice the thing that looks like a big hand in there!!! What is that?! Just rock formations? Totally cool!!! Awesome pics!

    • The funny thing is, it took me a while to realize, but it’s my hand or someone’s hand. Haha! I took it through the bus window and it is a reflection. Looks cool, though!

  4. Beautiful pictures. The hand in the cave was totally creepy, until I read your explanation above. It looks like an amazing trip. I hope you were all better and were able to enjoy it fully.

  5. Haha…too funny! It looks trippy, that’s for sure!

  6. It does look like a hand in the cave and I’m glad I’ve read your previous comments to know that it was from the reflection. It gave me the chills until I learned that though!

  7. That harbor is seriously amazing…you don’t realize until you are up close the *scale* of those ships…so cool! And I’m not gonna lie…I’m seriously creeped out by the hand in the cave picture…there is *definitely* a hand in there! Crazy.

  8. Okay, I just read your previous comment…and no wonder it looks like a hand. Duh. I’m silly.

  9. No way!!! I think we may have been in SD around the same time! LOVED Balboa park, had an amazing time checking everything out there. Couldn’t get enough of the water fixtures and the gorge plants. La Jolla was our fav beach to play at also! Looks like you had an amazing time!!! Not sure I was as good about taking pictures…oops!



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