Stencil Giveaway Winner!

And, the winner is…


I had 102 entrants. So, I went to and put in 1-102 then hit Generate. #14 came up!

The winner is the entry from Kate and she happens to have a blog called “It’s The Small Things.”


Yep, that’s her and her perfect hair.  But don’t worry, she gives lots of amazing tips on her blog!  She makes me feel like I could get my hair to look that good.   But, seriously, Kate, it’d be so much easier if you could just come over and “show” me.

Kate wrote:
“ Hi! I LOVE the parsley blooms stencil! Lovely!”

Congrats!  Cutting Edge Stencils will be contacting you soon!

The next giveaway is Monday (house numbers).



  1. Yay! I’m so excited!

  2. You do have great hair! I have seen this exact picture all over pinterest lately. So funny!

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