Time to Vote on Laundry Room Designs

Most people said they liked the stencil in the laundry room drawings.  The general consensus was keeping the stencil to one wall. A few made other suggestions for the room.  I gathered the information and came up with four main choices.

I need your help in deciding.  Please vote for one of the following.   Same room, four variations.

1.  Original, with striped or solid rug.


2. Stephanie’s suggestion with the stencil on other wall, board and batten and hooks on board and batten.  This can be with a striped or solid rug.


3.  Anneke’s suggestions. Gray walls (I added the stencil for interest).  Green benches, brown frames. Solid rug.


4.  Much like the original, but different stencil, and board and batten.


Or, any combination.  Let me know which you prefer.  I like them all in different ways.  I think color-wise, I prefer the green due to the energy, but the gray is nice and elegant.   Plus, I wouldn’t have to paint as much.  I like what paint can do, but I don’t enjoy painting myself.

By the way both stencils are from Cutting Edge Stencils.  Once I decide on which I am using, we will be doing a giveaway to readers for any stencil up to a certain price!   And, they are also donating the one I choose for my room to me for my blog.  Pretty awesome, huh?   So, definitely check out their etsy store.

What do you like?  Cast your vote!

Oh, and guess what… today is our 15th wedding anniversary!  And, lucky for me, I married the best guy ever.


Update 8/23/11:  Winning design chosen.
Update 9/26/11:  Update on room progress.


  1. I liked the bottom picture’s stenciling the best. I liked the stencil design better, and I think it would be easier to stencil that wall, than trying to go around the cabinets.

  2. I vote for option 2, but with the stencil on option 3 & 4. I think the stencil kind of gives the feel of a backsplash behind the sink!

  3. I loved #1, until I saw the last one, #4. I love that stencil. My vote is for that one! :) And definitely GO GREEN!!

  4. #1 and #4 are my favorites. I love the balance of the board and batten with the stencil. Either stencil would look awesome.

  5. i love #4, i like the solid rug if you are doing the stenciling, and the patterned rug if you don’t. lol i’m sure it’ll look amazing either way. :)

  6. First off…Happy Anniversary!

    My vote is #4. Love the stencil. Love the color.

  7. Happy, Happy Aniversary!!!!! That’s awesome Kristy :D

    I vote for No. 2, but with the stencil used in No. 3 & 4.

  8. Aw happy Anniverary! 15 years and many many more to come!
    I really like option #3. I love pops of color here and there.

  9. I like #3 bc of the gray and #4 bc of the stencil placement … but I like the hooks on the board and batten and the striped rug… Green or gray, I can’t decide…You could make the board and batten go up higher and still put the stencil on the same wall…?

  10. Option 2, with the stencil from Option 3!
    Or else Option 3, with stencil. :)

  11. Happy Anniversary

    I vote for number 2, I prefer the stencil on the cabinet side wall. It makes for an interesting wall and balances out with the art work on the opposing wall. Plus I love the lime green for a laundry room, you can get so creative in a space that is not so public to the guests if you are afraid of using color. But I love the gray as well, {but I am a gray person} Design wise…lol

  12. Happy anni!!! Have you been to Flemings yet? Its our fav place to have special dinners.

    I’m addicted to option 3…..its just enough glamour to lighten the load of all the laundry…pun intended. :)



  13. kristincita1@comcast.net

    I like #2 but with the stencil of #4. I love when people ask me my opinion!

  14. Love your blog and always enjoy your daily posts. I vote for #4 because you will get to see your beautiful stencil everytime you enter from your garage. Trust me, you will smile everytime you spot your stenciled wall. I just finished a wall in my home office and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. I also ordered my stencil from Cutting Edge and have been pleased with their product. I would love to send you a picture if you’re interested. Can’t wait to see your finished room.

  15. What a hard decision! I really like the solid rug best. I also like the hooks on the up part of the wall. I like the second stencil better. As far as color…both are nice, just depending on if you want more elegant verses upbeat/summery look (both are great colors though). Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

  16. Hrm, my favorites are 3 and 4. I like that stencil better than the other one, especially with the green. The green has lots of energy and is busy, and so is that first stencil. It was a little too much for me.
    This is really funny, but we’re trying to decide between gray and green for our kitchen right now. Different shades but still, weeeeeeeeird. :)

  17. Tough call, but I prefer the green walls with the second stencil option. No worries, I know you will make it fabulous!

  18. I’m leaning towards #4 – I love that one!

  19. Ah! Love all these choices! I really like that second stencil that you picked, and the hooks down lower. I imagine using it for placing my purse or bag. Maybe some high and some low? I of course love the light and crispness of the gray, but only you know how those colors would make you feel in your space! Can’t wait to see what you go with. :-)

  20. And Happy Anniversary!!! 15 years is a great milestone! :-)

  21. #2 #2!!

    And happy anniversary! Hope you had/have a special night planned.

  22. my vote is for #4 No particular ‘design’ reason – I just liked the look of it!

    Happy anniversary, friend! wow, that was 15 years ago? I can’t believe it!!! congrats!

  23. They are all great, but I’m drawn to #2. Love that stencil and the green wall color. And wow… 15 years??? Did you get married when you were 10??? Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks for the vote and anniversary wishes! Haha, bless you. ;) I’ll go with 10… We got married when we 20 actually, so that makes us 35!

  24. I like #3, in think the green benches and blue artwork would really pop against the grey, especially if it’s a light grey.

  25. Number 4! Also, I love the asterisk and ampersand wall art!

  26. I like #3 because the grey is neutral and you could change the look easily by changing the accent colors. Come link up at my mommy monday http://momommamoney.blogspot.com/2011/08/mommy-monday.html

  27. I like #3, but I am boring. I like the green as accents, but I worry that so much of it could be overwhelming. Although, I would add more green accents.