Date Night and VRBO Travel Tip

My husband and I had a fun date night last night.  We went bowling and I lost terribly, but it was a lot of fun.  My husband is like some sort of secret ninja bowler.


I was so excited that while we were out (bowling and running errands), I got to actually get something at a drive-thru!   Every time I go through one, I think, people can really do this?!  I never eat out, or very very rarely.  Why?  Because I’m uber healthy.  Ha!  Not so much.  Due to food allergies.  So, at Wendy’s, I got an all-natural lemonade (after confirming all ingredients of course which I must do every time, even if I’ve had the product before)!  It’s rare for me to be able to have anything pre-packaged.


I was so thrilled! I mean, seriously excited. I also got a fruit cup. That was my dinner.  Don’t feel bad for me, I rarely go hungry.  :)  And, this was a treat!   So every time you go through a drive-thru or eat out in a restaurant, eat a little extra for me.

We also spent some time preparing for an upcoming trip to Austin, TX.  We went to college in Austin.  It’s one of the most scenic and cultural cities in Texas.   Speaking of food, we try our best to get a full kitchen when traveling so that I can make meals and not starve.

In the course of looking at possible vacation rentals, here are some that we came across on

VRBO stands for Vacation Rental By Owner.

Did you know it is possible to stay in actual homes/ condos for the cost of an average  hotel room?   If you have a family, this is a great way to travel.  That’s my tip.

I just loved the ceiling and stairs on this one.  Plus it kind of goes with the Lemonade…



Again, an amazing ceiling!  (Click the images for more information.)


Okay, so read this caption.  Seriously, that is the master?!


I thought this one was well designed.  Love the striped wall.


You get not only bikes with this one, but chickens?!


And, wow, what creative design here.  A fish tank toilet.


I love looking on VRBO.  It is a fantastic source for vacation rentals and there are all price ranges on there, depending on your needs, from luxurious to basic.  And, the same with sizes, anything from an efficiency to a palatial mansion.

Looking forward to our future trip.  We found just the right place in the right location for us, that was available at the right time for a quick business trip.

But, wanna know what I actually look forward to most?   I actually found a restaurant in Austin that I could eat at.  So what if it’s just a burger joint and took me hours to find and several phone calls.  It means I can eat a patty wrapped in lettuce and french fries!


Remember this little VRBO tip the next time you travel.  Have you ever used VRBO?   (I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I’m not being asked or paid to write this.)



  1. I love VRBO. We use it when we book cabins in the winter. How was the Wendy’s lemonade? It would kill me to watch what I eat.

    • It was amazing. My husband got the crispy chicken sandwich which looked awesome, but still, it’s good to at least get the lemonade!

  2. Your allergies sound……awesome. :(

    We’re big VRBO fans. I’d much rather stay in a condo for a week then a hotel. The ones we find are usually cheaper per night than a hotel and you can save money on, win!

  3. I love VRBO! I have booked through them every summer for our beach vacations. The owners are usually always so nice also :)

  4. Wow girl, I had no idea about your allergies, I’ve got some pretty crazy ones, too, but it definitely doesn’t keep me out of the fast food lines (dang it!)! Austin will be a total blast, I love that city! Especially since you are missing all the heat and humidity! I’m still giggling about that master BR with all the workout stuff…whaaaaaaat? Weird. But there are some pretty fabulous options there, hope your trip is fabulous!

  5. Austin is my husband’s favorite city. Bummer about your allergies! Love VRBO, we use it to book a beach house every summer. Your right, great properties and great rates. Have fun on your trip.

  6. Thanks for your heads up about Elevation Burger… my son has food allergies as well, so I immediately started looking around and looks like we are getting one in our area this fall… hopefully it will work for him too!

  7. I haven’t had much luck with VRBO, so I just used for our upcoming Florida trip and had great luck with fair pricing and prompt responses.

    What kind of allergies are you living with? Myself and son are gluten free.

    • Jodi, just saw this comment. I am living with gluten, corn and soy allergies. It really cuts out most pre-packaged food once you know all of the aliases/ derivatives. Baking sure is tricky without gluten, huh?

  8. I found your blog after clicking on your painted chair tutorial that I found over on Pinterest, (I’m hugely addicted to Pinterest). My family and I love VRBO! We have three kids and since I’m not a fan of camping we used to “hotel” it whenever we would go to the coast. Eating out with a family of five gets to be very pricey and I accidently found VRBO when searing online for a hotel. We found the greatest little house in Fort Bragg, CA that was the perfect size, walking distance to the ocean and a little cheaper than a hotel. The full kitchen and hot tub sealed the deal and we’ve been back several times since.

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