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I recently got to work with a fabulous e-design client who turned a barn built in 1810 into a home!  I am so intrigued by that.



I love the beams and stone.  It adds so much texture and architectural interest.  Here is how the design plan is coming out.

Here is her master bedroom before.  Not bad to start with.



- Bed and nightstands stay.  Bed is actually iron!  Sweet.
- Need sitting area by window.
- Bedding stays.

I worked with her existing wall color, but added color to the ceiling.

I created some drawings to approximate the changes so it’s easier to visualize the rough layout of the space.



Because I can only approximate things like pillows and chandeliers, I also provided her with this storyboard.  It has the actual elements on it.

Across from the bed, on the wall is the console table (seen on the storyboard) with the map over it.   Two mirrored stools sit below the fireplace.


The keys to this design were:
- Juxtaposing old and new to keep in sync with the bones of the house.
- A mix of materials and finishes.
- Adding softness with fabrics.
- Adding some feminine elements such as a chandelier to balance the masculine.

We are still tweaking things and will probably have one more iteration of the storyboard before things are finalized, but this is where we stand.

I can’t wait to see it come to life!

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to Andrea for the Versatile Blogger award!



  1. Great design board!!! An 1810 barn would be so fun to remodel and then decorate! Have fun helping with that!

  2. Absolutely spot on my dear! As soon as I saw that room I was thinking “yeah, that needs some softness to it” and you picked the perfect things that added the softness but kept true to the rustic nature of the room! That chandelier alone is going to make a huge splash (c: You go, girl! What a lucky client! Have a great weekend, my dear!

  3. What an awesome project! Nice work!

  4. I always love the colors you choose. I am struggling because I bought some gorgeous furniture for my bedroom, but now i feel like it is a bit traditional. It’s a beautiful sleigh bed and ALL the matching pieces. I feel like it’s a little dark and old ladyish now. I need to figure out how I can make it more youthful like me!

  5. Love it! And I can’t wait to see the finished pictures. It’s going to look fantastic!

  6. Great design! I love the painted ceiling.

  7. This is going to look AWESOME when it’s all done! Great design Kristy! And I LOVE the reno on the barn! Wow.

  8. I love every single item on that board and the house, wow! Totally stunning. Be sure to show us after pics!

  9. Beautiful…I hope the client will send you pictures after it’s done. Can you share the sources? I love that mirrored side table.

    • I actually have a policy of not sharing sources for client work. I wish I could, but I feel like it’s their “leg up” due to purchasing a design. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, though! I hope she will send photos as well. It’s a super cool home!

  10. Oh, Kristy – that’s my dream house! lol And I LOVE your design. We’re just starting a guest bedroom makeover and I’m seeing the colors and even an accent or two that I have stashed. Great DIY’ers think alike! ;) Now, if I just had that entire house!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Love that mirrored night stand/side table…where is it from? Thanks Lady!

  12. What an amazing space!! Love your design choices, as always!

  13. I am in love with the design board! You did awesome!

  14. I love your design and choices, I’m sure your client will be over the moon with the new room. I was wondering if you could tell me what software program you use to create your 3D designs?

  15. Love how it turned out. I just love stone barns. My husband and I live in a 1700s wooden barn. They really are fun to decorate aren’t they?
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  16. It looks amazing!!! You are so talented :)

  17. Thanks Kristy :)

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