From Fan Wall Art to Sunburst

It’s so fun to get updates from e-design clients.  I love to see how they put their own spin on the design.  And, I love to see any diy projects that they did in the process.

This client was working on finding a sunburst mirror to go over her bed in her master bedroom.  The one we were originally going to use was a tiny bit too large. She remembered a piece of wall art that she already owned.


At 32 inches in diameter, the scale would work. Could this become a sunburst mirror?

It absolutely did.


She painted the brown tones gold.

Then, for less than $7, she bought the following items from Michael’s and created a framed mirror in the center.

- Embroidery hoops.  The outer embroidery ring is 7″ in diameter. The next inner embroidery ring is 6″ in diameter.
- Craft mirror.  It is 5″ in diameter.
- Plywood circle.  It is lightweight and only 1/8″ thick. It is 6 1/2″ in diameter.
- Paint from a previous project.
- Hot glue that she already had.

I think it turned out great!



Isn’t she doing a great job on the design?

She still plans to add a rug at the end of the bed, curtains, a floral bolster pillow, to paint the ceiling blue and a few other things.  But it has really come along!

To give you an idea of the blue and the bolster pillow.


Here is the before.


How do you think it’s shaping up?  Don’t you love how inventive she was with the sunburst mirror?  Doesn’t it look great?

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  1. that looks awesome! love the texture and the varied hues.

  2. love it! that was a great job. i’m a sucker for a pretty mirror!

  3. Love it. What a great idea. I never thought to use embroidery hoops as frames. Brilliant. She is doing a fabulous job of implementing your awesome design!

  4. Pretty Mirror, and the room is looking amazing already what a great difference. I absolutely love the tufted bench

  5. Wow, way for her to think outside the box and re-purpose. It looks fantastic, and not only that, it is original.

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