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So, I’m a Lowe’s shopper, mainly due to the quality of customer service you get from them here in AZ.  But, I went to Home Depot recently and was taken by their array of spray paint colors!  I’ve searched high and low for certain colors, not going to HD because I assumed they’d have what Lowe’s had.   Boy did I miss out.

I’ll say upfront, all of these images were taken from my phone – sorry about the quality.



They even have fun Martha Stewart metallic and glitter finishes.


I found a great bathroom rug and few other odds and ends at Marshall’s.  Totally bought the rug.


Phone-013-2  Phone-014-2

Phone-015-2  Phone-018

Phone-021  Phone-022

Then off to a discount fabric store that carries out of stock fabrics.   You never know what they are going to have!  There are a lot of upholstery fabrics that you can make work for $5-15 a yard.





Phone-036  Phone-039


Phone-043  Phone-052

I just liked the ikat fabric on this bed in the store.


Wouldn’t some of these make fun curtains?


Do you have a favorite discount fabric store?

A quick stop at Big Lots.



Ending the day with a huge treat – a visit with friends and fries and a meat patty from In N Out – corn, soy and gluten free!  Brought my own mustard and ketchup.  That’s right.  I know, dorky.

Phone-024  Phone-026


Maybe some of these finds will make their way into your home.  How was your day?



  1. I know I heart all the paint at Home Depot, love the rug you got! Big Lots is dangerous, I go in for one thing and spend 80 bucks :)

  2. Kristy,
    Looks like you had fun! Hope that you have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Amazing those spry paints. Makes you want to paint something. great inexpensive finds and I sooo wish they had In and Out Burger in Virginia!

  4. Holy spray paint. I had no idea. We’re Lowe’s fans too. We have been hitting up Home Depot every now and then though. Usually they never have what we need.

    I’ve heard great things about the In-N-Out but we don’t have them around here!

  5. I love HD spray paint selection AND it’s cheaper then Lowes. I think in general Home Depot has much better paint (although I go to Lowes for everything else). What fun finds.

  6. That WAS a fun day, especially with In N Out, mmm mmmm. I have yet to find an awesome discount fabric store like that one. I am so incredibly jealous!

  7. I was just at Lowe’s yesterday looking for spray paint and couldn’t find all the colours I wanted! Guess a trip to HD is in order – although I don’t know what kind of a selection the Canadian ones have. So jealous of the In N Out burger. It’s like one of my life goals to go to In N Out Burger!

  8. Wow. So much I could comment on! I definitely go between Orange (HD) and Blue (Lowe’s) for different items because of availability, pricing, quality, etc. I LOVE practically everything you found…I was like, “Oooo, oooo, like that, LOVE that, cute!” Thanks for sharing! :-)

  9. Totally a LOWES girl:0) What a fun trip…I could shop allll day girl! Umm…wondering about this discount fabric store! gosh been looking for one on the westside!!! let me know! We must go together sometime! xoxo Happy Friday!

  10. Sounds like the perfect day – Marshalls, Home Depot and Big Lots…Oh MY! I’ve just found your site and am so glad I did. You have great taste. I don’t think we have a fabric store with discontinued fabrics – I’m totally jealous. Wish we did.
    Thanks for brightening my day.

  11. Don’t worry about feeling different at any restaurant. You are probably going to live at least ten years longer than the average fast food eater.
    I seem to live in a place that has no stores. I have only been to Lowe’s once in my life. The closest fabric store is about 45 minutes away, all the JoAnn’s closed a few years ago along with all the quilt shops. I have never been to an In and Out burger. We have no craft stores except a Michaels about ten miles away.

  12. Hi Kristi! What a treat to find your blog!! I am going to start following your blog because I’m always interested in hearing about cool happenings and great design here in Az!! I look forward to meeting you next month!!
    Karen Valentine

  13. I’m going to have to start going to HD more often! I’ve become a Lowe’s girl and their paint is definitely lacking…

  14. Wow… were all those finds in one day?? Those are great!!

  15. Hey! I live in Scottsdale and I’m constantly on the hunt for other discount fabric stores… the only one I ever go to is SOS fabrics off of Indian School… what are your favorites?? I’d love to check out others.

  16. Hmm, how much would I have to pay you to send me some of that gray ikat fabric? :-)

    AND you even end with In N Out? Awesome. Our Home Depot is closer but I like to check out Lowe’s for tile and lighting. great rug purchase.

  18. Lord I love a day like that…..and to end it with a burger…fantastic!!! I wish Big Lots and Walmart were closer to me…..But I can’t complain. I have 3 Targets within 5 miles!

  19. HD is my spray paint heaven for sure!! Loving that IKAT fabric!!! Maybe we can swing by that fabric store when we meet up? Dying for some new pillows….or maybe curtains.



  20. Hey where is that fabric store u mentioned, have to check it out! Didn’t even know one existed here. I haven’t been to any good fabric stores here in Phoenix, do u have any other favorites ?

    • Hi there! It’s from a store at Cactus and hwy 51 called Home Fabrics. I love Fabric Depot myself, but want to check out SAS for discount fabrics.

  21. I am going to go check out my Home Fabrics, I hope they have as many fun fabrics as yours! I only go to Home Depot, we don’t have a Lowes close by so I don’t have a choice.

  22. Oooooh! What fabric store are you visiting? I’m in Tempe, so I’d love to know your source! =D

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