Gift Idea for Those Hard to Buy For People

Many families have trouble coming up with unique gift ideas.  I’m working with someone who was in the process of purchasing a pretty quilt.   It looked like this at the beginning.


One of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson, uses quilts a lot in her country home designs.  I love both her usual sleek contemporary designs and her more country designs.


We tweaked the colors of the original quilt design a little so that it worked better for the gift recipient.  It’s handmade, so tweaking colors was not a big deal.

Then, we created a design board around the quilt.  The design board focuses on bedding.  The recipient enjoys country style, but we didn’t want to get kitschy.


She then took the design board and shopping list and presented it to others who were pitching in on the gift.  The shopping list acted as a registry of sorts for those who wanted to participate.  It turned out to be a great way to create a thoughtful gift that multiple households could participate in.

I thought with Christmas coming up, this could be a great idea for those hard to buy for people!

The shopping list is as follows.

1. Green floral pillow:
$42.50, needs a pillow insert, 12×22×22-decorative-lumbar

2. Purple pillows:
$30/ each plus cost of a pillow insert, 18×18?

3. Burlap Monogram pillow:
$35, plus insert, 18×18

4. Light gray or white sheets.
I’d look at places like TJ Maxx.   Double check what size they’d need.

5. Gray duvet.
Check Homegoods.  Steer away from shiny or quilted.  Just a simple solid.

6. Green lamps:
$50 each for the base.  Shades are about $20 each.  But, you may find something similar elsewhere.  Just pay attention to the scale and to color, as avocado green will work better than a lime green or kelly green.  You can even possibly buy something and spray paint it.

7. Curtains:
$55 a pair.  Stay in the white or off-white family should you choose an alternative.  In addition, you want them to almost touch the ceiling and hang to the ground.  So, these may be too short.  I didn’t get the dimensions of the room…  Always measure first.

If this may work for someone you love, contact me for a quote.

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  1. What a brilliant gift idea! A re-vamped interior is the best present you could get!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. The quilt is so pretty & i love your moodboard its gorgeous.
    I am hosting a give away pop on over & visit me

  3. What a fantastic idea! Love the board you put together and I’m sure the recipients are going to be thrilled with their gifts.

  4. Love the board. I’m also a huge fan of Sarah Richardson’s work. I think you nailed it.

  5. Hi Kristy, You have done a fantastic job on the bedroom, love the color’s.
    have a great day,

  6. go to to see his post on the Muji duvet. He was quite enthusuastic. encourage your guests to buy good sheets, not cheap ones. they will be appreciated for years. My favorites are Lands End 400 count no iron. they are like heaven. I sigh every time I get into bed. this whole idea is genius! so much better than melon ballets, or digital picture frames. someone should make a pillow out of Grandmas old tea towel or doilies. Sorry for the bad typing, I’m in the dark in the car, on my iPad. Ann

  7. Nice table lamps! Love the beautiful pillows, too. I also created a mood board for a bedroom for yesterday’s post, what a coincidence!

    P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway! Win a stylish book by Kerrie Hess- ‘Shoestring Chic’!


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