Guest Post – The Lures of Chalk Paint

Today, we are going to be hearing from Kat at The Midwest Momma.  I found Kat through one of her comments on my blog.  She has the cutest blog.  I many times just run through posts quickly mainly looking at the images, but with Kat, I read every word.  One of the best things about her blog is her writing style!  She’s funny and charming and has lots of energy.  I feel like she’s one of my old buddies.  Through this, we became quick blogging friends.


I asked her to post about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that is all the buzz right now.  I have heard about it on so many blogs, but it took me a while to piece together just why everyone raves about it.

Come to find out, the big deal is that it is low VOC, there is no prep needed (no sanding) and usually one coat is enough!  Too good to be true?

There seems to be one small catch.  It seems to go on with a slight texture.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Below is a piece that Cassie at Primitive and Proper painted.

If you’ve used Chalk Paint, have you seen this type of texture?   Kat, take it away!


Hi there! My name is Kat and I blog over at The Midwest Momma. I am a working momma of two fabulous kiddos. My real job couldn’t be any less creative so I love home decorating projects (much to my husband’s dismay) and love a challenge.  I am always trying something!! We just made the big transition to our new home in the country and I am on a tight budget! I needed new furniture that didn’t break the bank. I found the answer with chalk paint.

Thanks Kristy for inviting me to share my love, err obsession, of chalk paint!!  It started when I was in a local store and saw some AMAZING sideboards. See exhibit A:


If I could have figured out how to haul that baby home in my car it would have been mine…though I don’t think my dear ol’ hubs would have believed that “It was just $20!!”—that is my go-to answer for any purchase of course.  We are just finishing up building a new home and Chad has me on a strict budget in regards to my decorating…I mean really! Always raining on my parade! Those dang sensible,  rational people!!


Look at that! I was determined to figure out how to do this on my somewhat shoestring budget. Let’s begin here: I HEART THE INTERNET. It gave me Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Now the paint itself is a little pricey, like $35 a quart, but SO MUCH cheaper than the $1500 sideboard!!! Everything I read about it pumped the paint up like it was a miracle product and virtually idiot proof. EVEN BETTER. So I ordered up some paint in Graphite (a black/gray/blue/purple tone…very helpful, I know) and then had to figure out what the heck I was going to paint with it! Yay for Craigslist. I found a dresser and mirror for $50. This is what I brought home:

I was skeptical of the idea that A) I would not need to prime this as it was all poly-ed up, and B) that it would really only take a coat…an hour later I was sold. This stuff is amazing. You cannot mess it up. I didn’t even use a quarter of the can for the entire dresser, all the drawers and the mirror. I used a cheap-o synthetic bristle 3 inch brush from Wal-Mart. One good application, making the same strokes each time. This is what I ended up with:

I chose to leave it just like this. You can buy dark or clear wax to give it a bit of a shine. I loved the matte, chalky finish. It dries super fast and you really don’t need much at all to cover. After it dried, I am pretty sure that even the brush stroke direction wouldn’t have mattered. No lines at all! I loved it so much, I ordered some Old White as well.  I used the white for Elin’s room. You can see that post on my blog. Amazeballs.

It was a complete win-win. My husband didn’t kill me (YAY) and I got my “new” stuff.

I am already looking for another color for our play room (I am thinking the Provence blue!).

I am pretty sure Chad is hoarding all the furniture he loves in hopes that I don’t get a hold of it!! Seriously, he hasn’t got a chance. We are special like that ;) He is so vanilla (hehe). I try to share our special brand of crazy with the Internet as often as possible!

I love love love Kristy’s blog and am pumped again that she asked me to share! THANKS GIRL!

Wow, it turned out great, Kat!   By the way, Kat says there is a slight texture, though it’s definitely not  brush strokes that are showing.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Chalk Paint with us!   You make it sound so easy.  One coat, no prepping – I’m sold!   Be sure to check out Kat’s blog.  You’ll want to see the dresser she painted for her daughter’s room.  PLUS, I’m guest posting for her today!

Please let us know about your experience with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

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  1. Not sure why I have held out so long, but this post definitely convinced me!

  2. i love the paint too! what color is this? looks great.

  3. Thanks Kristy for letting me hang out on your blog :) Life is back to our semi-regular programming since the little one decided she is done ruining every ounce of bedding in our home. You wanted to know that didn’t you?? LOL.

    PS…the color I used was Graphite (for Tammy)

  4. Nice! I just got my first dose of ASCP….I currently have some mixed reactions to it, but definitely LOVE no sanding and priming. I’ll be posting the two pieces I’m working on hopefully Friday! YEAH! Thanks for guest posting…going to check out your blog!!! :-)

    • Do share your mixed reactions!

      • I think there is a slight learning curve. I used Old White on my first piece and love the color, but it turned out with some more texture than I’d like. The other piece I used Graphite and was looking for a darker black, but it turned out super smooth! It is definitely for a particular style of furniture. LOVE no prep besides cleaning and repair though! My impatience may be a small factor at this point…I just want to see it done! Hoping to post them on Friday! And photography giveaway tomorrow – come stop by! :-)

  5. hey there! thanks for the shout out!

  6. Kristy thank you for having Kat to guest blog!! I am dying to try Annie Sloan Paint!!

    It is so fun to find an inexpensive piece of furniture and make it special!

    Come and join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!


    Art by Karena

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