Laundry Room Update and FLOR Tiles

Here is where the laundry room is right now.  The art is hung.  I have hung place holders for hooks and mirrors on each side of the symbol art.

It’s always good to tape things off before buying to get an idea of scale.  When it comes to things that hang on a wall, using packing paper is a great way of checking the scale and shape.

untitled shoot-002

I still need to get the hooks, mirrors, benches, chandy and rug.   So, I figured I would spend some time considering the type of rug I could get.  With the space being 19.5 feet long, it’s not easy to find a runner rug that accomodates the length of the room.  So, I am contemplating floor tiles.

Are you familiar with FLOR tiles?   Carpet tiles are a great way to create your own area rug size.  And, if you feel spills are inevitable, a single tile can be replaced which is more cost effective than replacing an entire rug.

I’m not 100%, but I’m thinking 7 of the 19.7 x19.7 inch tiles.   That will span approximately 11.5 feet which will leave 4 feet on each end uncovered.  But, just as I advise all clients, I will tape off the floor before ordering.

I love this pattern, but at $30 a tile, it may be a little too pricey for a laundry room.


These are also nice at $22 a tile.  But, again, I’d like to go a little cheaper if possible.


Of course, we could keep it simple with a solid.  It’s $21 a tile which is about 19.7 x19.7 inches.


At $15 a tile, this is nice.  It’s a soft and subtle pattern.


I really like the texture on this one for $13 a tile.  Aren’t those boots fab?


I really like these black ones at $10 a tile.  If I order 7, that is just $70.


And, it is a lot like my original drawing.  (Having said that, almost all designs will be tweaked between drawing and implementation.)


The company just released its new Fall collection.  Here are a few from that collection.

If you loved Target’s Missoni collection this one reminds me of it.




There is just about every color you can imagine and quite a number of patterns available.

I think my first step will be getting a sample so I can physically see it in the room.  Have you used FLOR tiles?  What did you think of them?  What would you use in my laundry room?



  1. I think the FLOR tiles would be a great solution, my favorites are the $15 and $13 tiles (and yes, those boots are fab!). I’ve contemplated using them myself, so I’ll be eager to see if that’s what you decide on!

  2. I am familiar with FLOR tiles, but have never used them. I think they are way cool – I love that you can basically put together any color scheme or design with them. One day – I would love to use them for something!

  3. I was just looking at these LAST night! I am thinking of using them in my great room under the coffee table. It is kind of a strange shaped room… and the rugs that I have tried so far I haven’t been in love with any of them! I wish the ones that I liked were not so price-y!

  4. I would have never guessed the last ones were tiles. They are awesome. Your laundry room is really coming together!

  5. Looks so good! I’ve seen FLOR tiles on blogs, but never used them. What if you sewed some smaller rugs together? I’ve seen that done and it’s very cute.

  6. Kristy The laundry room looks fantastic! I really love the green. I’ve heard about FLOR tiles ; I’ve never used them but they seem like a great idea and a great choice in the Laundry room. Just in case of detergent spills etc.. ( I’ve done that haha)

  7. The Laundry Room is really coming together and it looks beautiful! Those rug tiles are interesting, I might have to check those out! Can’t wait to see what else you do in here!

  8. I love FLOR. The rep came in and talked to our class about the company last year. They’re sustainable, cost effective and stylish! Love any of the options you listed (:

  9. Your laundry room is looking fabulous!! I looked at FLOR tiles a couple of years ago. Their selection has definitely expanded!

  10. I don’t know that you need a rug. You could check ebay under ” vintage rag runners”. The Scandanavian rug Company has lots of really long rugs that might work. Especially if you are considering expensive carpet tiles. You could sew a few cheaper rag runners together for a really long one. I wonder if has any carpet tiles. Either way, looks good. Ann

  11. The laundry room looks great so far!

  12. My one tip is to use rubber back tiles. I have them in my basement and they are great.

  13. It’s looking great! Aren’t those flame stitch flor tiles awesome???

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