Laundry Room Update/ Bumps in the Road

Below is an image of it with flowers the colors that will be in the room to show how it may all work together.


So we are making progress. But, we did have some snags along the way. I may later do a post going through how this was accomplished in a tutorial format, but for now, here is the update.

Four Main Issues that We Ran Into:

1) The painters just painted on the stencil like they would do normal painting and with the skip trowel texture on our walls, it bled through all the little valleys and didn’t look crisp at all.  In fact, it looked messy.  Then, they decided to really head the directions from (the fabulous) Cutting Edge Stencils (who by the way donated this stencil so I could show it in my laundry room) and make sure the roller was super dry and not overloaded with paint.  This made all the difference!  This is very important in not getting bleed.

2)  Sorry about the sun shining so brightly through the window.  But, this photo illustrates issue number two. See how the stencil seems to slope downward in the photo.  The midline (chair rail) is not hitting it in the same spot throughout?  Well, the chair rail was ever so slightly unlevel.  Over the course of the 19.5 ft wall, it showed quite a bit.  Had it been a short wall, you may not have noticed.  So, we had to pop it back off and renail it once we got it level.


3)  I had the vertical boards (battens) cut at 36 inches each.  Sounds right as it gives me 42 inches from the floor if the baseboards are 2.5 inches and the chair rail is 3.5 inches.   However, if the floor slopes or isn’t perfectly straight, yet the chair rail is level, they don’t match up perfectly.  So we were almost an inch off in spots and had to compensate by adjusting the batten midway and using wood filler at the ends.  So, my advice is to cut after you have the chair rail up and can get accurate measurements.

4) I asked the painters who were putting up the board and batten also to put them up roughly 14 inches apart, but more importantly, make sure they are symmetrical and stop and start the same distance from the wall on each end.  They started nailing at 14 inches apart before figuring that out for sure.  And, nope, not symmetrical.  We decided that wasn’t our biggest issue and it wasn’t the worst thing ever, so we let that go in this case.  But, please be sure to tape the battens up and measure before nailing so you can make sure they are landing where you want them.

Overall, we worked it all out and it’s all good.  But, I wanted to share in case it helps any of you out and makes your experience smoother.

Here is the wall almost done.  Another layer of paint needs to go on the bottom.  It’s semi gloss so that it matches the baseboards.  We also have to finis the stencil at the top on this end of the room.



And, you even get to see the ugly part.  That is a network panel that you see there near the door.  Hides all of our network cables for the house.



And, here we began putting painters tape to mark the spots that the painter needs to touch up.  Sorry about the blurry photo.  I didn’t want to get in their way too much.


And, they are now touching these spots up!  We should be done by the weekend and ready to hang the art in the next few days once things are nice and dry.  We are heading towards our goal.  Isn’t it nice to have a general  roadmap!   So glad we worked out the kinks and are getting there…


Here it is with the art leaned against the wall.  The green on these last two is a little faded seeming compared to real life.



What do you think?

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  1. The progress you’ve made is beautiful! Who knew there would be so many difficulties along the way? The unfinished stencil at the top, kind of looks like a cool crown molding! lol

    I hope you’re able to finish the room with no more issues! It’s going to look great! Keep us updated!

  2. I love the green and white! Also, I am shocked that the pattern is a stencil. I would have just assumed that it was wallpaper y the picture if I hadn’t read the post. I totally know how you feel with struggling to correct and adjust the small problems…we just built a house last year. I feel like that is all we did for months! Looks beautiful.

  3. This looks amazing! I love the green. What color is that? I’m planning on doing a similar stencil in my master in blue.

    • Thanks! The paint color is called Apple. I’m not certain it was a Valspar color, but I’m guessing it was since I got it at Lowe’s. It’s a true apple green – not lime, yet not kelly.

  4. Wow, Kristy. Even though you’ve had a few issues, I think it looks great! I have been wanting to try a stencil wall project but I am afraid I’ll end up with a big mess. So fun to see your vision coming to life!

  5. WOW! it is really coming along and looks awesome so far! you made it through the snags and the hard part!

  6. This looks amazing! I love the stencil and the shade of green!

  7. Love it! Looking so great!

  8. it looks amazing, and as usual your color combination is so pretty…I was planing on stenceling one wall in my master bedroom but after reading all the bloggers experience and how frustarting it was i changed my mind and no more stenciling for me :) and one more thing we are renting so i think i better stencil when we have our own home :))))

  9. Kristy: this is so awesome…I think I could even be happy doing laundry in here.

  10. Kristy, everything is looking great! How exciting to be almost finished and see your vision come to fruition. Love it!!

  11. Your vision is coming to life – how awesome! It looks really great. All really good tips to keep in mind too that you’ve shared.

  12. Love this too! <3

  13. Ooooo, pretty. I’m trying to hide my jealousy with regards to you hiring painters….

  14. I am ready to stencil my office wall and was just surfing for last minute inspiration and stumbled upon your blog. I can’t tell you how much I really like the green and blue and the stencil wall is AWESOME. Thanks for posting your tips because I want to add trim too and glad I found out about your chair rail issue.

  15. Love the room! I was just wondering where you got those 3 adorable pictures, the @, * and &? I love them. Thanks!

    • Oh, I made them! They are old PeiWei table tops that I painted. There is actually a tutorial if you look under Popular Posts. I just sold the set to someone recently for a college student.

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