Love Chairs, But A Little Freaked Out

I love a good bargain but after seeing this recent episode of The Big Bang Theory (not my show, but my husband likes it), I think I may be staying away from any side of the road finds.


See that red chair?

Penny (the blonde) found this used chair on the side of the street and loved it and brought it up to her apartment.  Come to find out, later in the episode, there was something alive in the chair.  They imply a mouse.  You can see it moving around!  They ran screaming.  I would too.

It left me a little disturbed.

Perhaps you have a junk chair that you are ready to throw out, though (not pick up)?   Before you do, take a look at these chair redos.

Adding new paint and fabric to a chair is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to spruce up décor.  Even if you aren’t ready to reupholster a wingback, recovering the seat of a dining chair is no big deal!

(Images link to sources.)

image  image



image  image

image  image

image  image

image  image

I love seeing these before and afters.  Makes me want to raid my house for a chair to redo.  Have you redone a chair?   Before you throw one out, consider what paint and fabric can do to revive it!

If you do bring something old into your house, please be sure to inspect it well and maybe even fumigate it.  :)



  1. Love that last one! I’d die to find an old rocker to “spruce up” Thanks for the inspiration! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. My favorite are the last two. SO SO SO gorgeous! Oh my. I re-did some a few years ago, but the pictures aren’t great:
    I’m usually very wary of buying second-hair upholstered furniture. Too many risks, you know? I should just man up, though. And still be very cautious. :)

  3. Oh that’s a little freaky. I’ve heard of bringing home bed bugs but a mouse would just set me over the top!

  4. GROSS! I have to say I NEVER pick up upholstered road finds … creeps me out way too much. I’ve never really thought about mice … I think of things like bedbugs. Blergh.

    I just recently redid non-upholstered chairs though, and I love them! :)

  5. I love love that show and I was yelling at the TV saying its okay to pick up something in the trash you just have to make sure there are no animals, bad smells or mold.

  6. Ahhh hahaha!!! That’s funny :D

  7. I know what you mean! I love chairs too. All this inspiration! Love the little white chair with the striped fabric. CUTE!

  8. Bahahahahaha. I almost peed my pants during this episode. I also received a bunch of “I told you so” looks from my husband. ;)

  9. The Big Bang Theory is one of our favorites — always good for a laugh! But, yes, I was squirming over the chair-critter. I would have a tough time picking up something that was predominantly cloth unless I was planning to totally strip away all material & start with the bare wood.
    :) CAS

  10. LOL.. was hilarious episode! and i couldn’t help but think of all my bloggy pals who have done exactly as Penny had!

  11. I know, I’m always a little weary of used upholstery but I’ve pretty much taken it all off of items I’ve picked up (purchased or roadside). One chair I had professionally cleaned. Can never be too careful!

    You’ve done some amazing chairs!

  12. I loved that episode, especially the part about the mouse moving and then the guys pick up the same chair!!!!!lol
    I have always love a good before and after. i also love seeing the great accomplishment made to each item. It’s a lot of work but so worth it!!!!

  13. This episode was sooo funny. Maybe I am biased because I am easily entertained and I love this show, but I couldn’t stop laughing…or thinking about how I should never pick up anything on the side of the road, no matter how nice or comfortable.

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