Our Bed and Quilts

I did this recent post about working with someone who purchased a quilt as a gift and wanted to design bedding around it and use it as a gift registry.

Well, until today, I forgot that we purchased our bed in late 2006 from a quilt store in Salt Lake City at Gardener Village.


I haven’t visited them or their site since, but browsed it today and was reminded of how great their quilts/ bedding is!

Quilts are part of Americana.  In the early days, the necessity of staying warm met the local fabrics and quilts were born.  They can be both practical and decorative.

At this little boutique, you can buy shams, dust ruffles or sort through racks of hanging quilts.  Let’s check out some of their made beds.

image   image


image  image



Pretty, huh?  So, if you live in the SLC area, you may stop by.  If you don’t, use it as a reminder to not forget the boutiques that may not sound like they will be your style. Maybe something here can serve as inspiration.



  1. Those are pretty awesome…that burnt orange colorway is actually pretty fabulous! Great find, my dear!

  2. Rochelle Earp

    Beautiful! I just came across your blogs today – I’m addicted since I’ve had this place since 2010, and I’m just now painting to make it ours (My husband’s and I’s) – took a long time to figure out what we each liked and combine them – so the house isn’t to girly or to manly.

    I do have a cute idea – something my sister and I did when our niece was born. We sent out a letter to all the members of our family, and my sister in-law’s family. We proceeded to ask each person in the family for 1 yard of their choosing (for a baby), so that a quilt could be sewn out of love for her. We gave them each plenty of time to send the yard of fabric, and we were shocked that every single person thought it was the coolest idea ever and sent in the fabric (within 2 weeks we had it all!). My sister nor I could sew a grand quilt so we found a woman who made them – I’m so sorry I don’t have a photograph, because it’s gorgeous. it’s something that she can use when she has babies! Not only that is we asked for an entire yard, so we could make a scrapbook about the “love quilt” and everyone’s fabric is listed. So she knows she is truly loved by all her family.

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