Giveaway Winner and Design Star

People are going to think I rigged this, but seriously…


The winner is Shelley Westerman from Crazy Wonderful.  I know, she won the e-design giveaway.  She certainly has luck going for her, huh?!   I’m still waiting to win my first giveaway, anywhere!   Don’t worry, she was eligible.  Her first win was a while back!  :)

Shelley wrote:  “These are great! I like the Highlander signs.”

Congrats, girl!   I’ll get you in touch with RamSign so you can pick out your new house number sign.

On another note, I watched the last episode of this season’s Design Star tonight.

image  image

Yay, Meg won!  (Sorry if you haven’t watched it yet. I couldn’t resist.)  She was my favorite from the first episode.  Her personality won me over.  Good thing she also has design skills!  We’d so be bff’s (but isn’t that what most of America is saying?).

For fun, here are some of her designs.

image  image

image  image


Karl was actually my second favorite, so I love the way it all turned out. What’d you guys think?



  1. Ah…congrats to Shelley! I’ve not seen that show (because I just seriously never watch tv!), but her designs look fantastic! :-)

  2. Yes Meg was the best choice for this season, I can’t wait to see her new show. I’m really excited for her and she is from my town Chicago.

  3. WeeeHeee!!! I told my husband about this last night and this was his response, “Hey! I like this Kristy girl!” :D Thanks again!

  4. I actually kind of wanted to Karl to win. I do like Meg’s designs though. I think the idea of her show is a really cute idea!

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