Updated Master Bedroom Photos

Since getting my new camera a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to slowly update my house photos.  I’ve been slowly learning to use the new camera.  The master bedrooms photos were so under par before thatI thought I’d share the new photos, now located under the Tour page, with you.   Enjoy!

Master Bedroom-025

Master Bedroom-010-2

Master Bedroom-066

Master Bedroom-076

Master Bedroom-082

Master Bedroom-098

Master Bedroom-129

Master Bedroom-109



  1. i like the touches of purple- looks fallish! everything looks fab, kristy!

  2. Oh …. my …. your bedroom is stunning. You must just break into song everytime you walk in there.

    Suzy xxx

  3. Wow Kristy, what great photo’s…now I am really embarrassed about mine.haha Is the camera difficult to use? Love your bedroom, do you have a dresser in the room?
    have a great day,

    • Great questions.
      1) The camera is easy to use if you are willing to read the manual and get an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, iso, etc. Learning those things has helped me tremendously, but it still requires that I practice. And, then, I run them through Lightroom to adjust exposure or anything that needs adjusting and add my watermark… Maybe I’ll do a post on what I’ve learned. ?
      2) I have a chest of drawers across from the chair if that makes any sense. It’s brown. Next to it is a garden stool the color of the chair. On top of the chest of drawers is a TV. I know, not pretty, but we do use it occasionally so it’s nice to have.

  4. Your master bedroom looks fab! Adore the cow hide rug, the chandeliers and all your beautiful pillows!

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    Don’t miss it! Have a wonderful week!


  5. Your photos are looking great!

    There is a wingback almost the same color as yours at my local Salvation Army for $30. In perfect condition. Tell me to buy it. :)

  6. GREat great photos! I need to invest in a new camera.

  7. We have the same layout but your room is s thousand times more glam. Turn off the lights, put the chandys on, and this room is a club! Ha! makes me want to put a love seat in our room. Our flat screen is where your couch is tho, facing the bed, so I’m not sure how this would work. Love it! Can I move in?

  8. Simply Gorgeous! I’m still so in love with those nightstand chandies!

  9. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine and make it all that I envision.

  10. I love it! May I ask where you got your bed frame? I need one like it!! :)
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!

  11. I love your master bedroom! The teal chair (I remember seeing this featured on Emily A. Clark – amazing!), the bold chevron pillows, the pendants over the end tables… it’s all so gorgeous! I’m so glad you joined Roomspiration today!!

  12. wherreeee did you get that floor lamp??? love (as well as the rest of the room!)

    • Hi there! It’s from TJ Maxx! I love those stores. We just moved to Austin and at the moment it’s in the guest bedroom – I think it found a new home!

  13. Looks awesome! I’m so inspired to paint some furniture. I thought I would have it reupholstered but this seems like it would be much more cost effective and fun to try to paint first. May I ask where you found your hide rug?

  14. Its GORGEOUS!!!! Where did u find the bedside chandelier??

  15. hi there …i just found your website through pinterest …i love this room! you did a fantastic job! question though …where did you get your curtains at and what colour are they?


  16. Jessica Christopolis

    I love it! Where is the mirror from??

  17. Was the drum shade on the lighting fixture or did you add it? I love it, and really want to add one to my chandelier but not sure how to make it work….

    • These came that way and were purchased at Overstock.com. But, you should be able to slip a shade onto most chandeliers… Try one that you already have in your home first just to see how it works, if possible.

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