Buyer’s Remorse

No matter how careful and experienced we are, I don’t think any of us are above snap decisions and buyer’s remorse and the two go hand and hand much of the time.

We purchased a set of Cindy Crawford patio furniture a couple of years ago.  The furniture, including the cushions, fared well under the covered patio, but the lounge chairs that sit exposed by the pool have not.

See below.


You can see the original color which is still on the underside of the cushion and then the color after the AZ sun had it’s way with them.  They were also dry rotted and shredded.  Time for new ones!

Of course, these chairs were a custom size so you can’t just go pick up cushions at a local store.  So, I ordered the correct size from a custom cushion shop online.  I felt like taking a risk and ordering a dark teal.  All were Sunbrella (fade resistant) fabric, by the way.  And, to be honest, I felt like getting this off of my to do list.

Well, that dark teal turned out to be more like flourescent teal!


Talking about bright!   They may be even brighter in person.  And, of course, there are no returns.

The green chairs are also Sunbrella and have not faded (also in our family room) and that bright blue just sticks out like a sore thumb!  Ugh!!


What I should have done was check the Sunbrella fabric color at a local store or ordered a sample of the fabric.  My impatience got the best of me.

Oh man… what will I do… wait for them to get old and get new ones?  Sell them on Craigslist?  Try to make the color work?


Any ideas?  We have black umbrellas, by the way, and our patio furniture under the covered patio looks like this.


(This is an old photo from a year ago. The pillows are now faded and not there anymore. We just removed them. And, the pots have different flowers in them.)



  1. Hmmm they ARE really bright, but I kinda like bright :) Maybe you could add some contrasting pillows to them? No returns is so annoying, esp. when you are buying online!

  2. It’s funny that I felt they looked great when I first saw your new chair covers. I think it gives a punch of color. Try to embrace the boldness with a little more of this color elsewhere in your patio. I love bold colors and especially turquoise.

  3. I, honestly, don’t think they stand out that much in these photos. It could be that I am distracted by your ridiculously awesome pool/backyard/view!!

  4. Oooh I say make those work! I personally am loving how bright they are out there! I think you could have a lot of fun with that color outside. It was like fate that you posted this and I read this today as I was just doing some end of season shopping for patio/outdoor furniture :)

  5. I actually like them! I think they add a nice pop of colour to the pool area. If they really are far too bright for you to bear, maybe try a couple of hot washes with a bleach detergent? That sometimes works for me (although I can’t say I have ever washed Sunbrella fabric).

  6. I really like the color! What adding pillows that have both accent colors in them?

  7. The color doesn’t look bad to me in the picture, but I totally get what you are saying. When I don’t like something it bugs me. You could add some throw pillows to break up the brightness. Or you might even try doing a stencil on them…I have been thinking about doing that on some of my cushions that are looking faded.

  8. Paint them! :-)

    (I actually like them but I couldn’t resist…)

    • Hahaha! Great response! May actually be tempting, though I don’t know how painted fabric would fair in the bright Phoenix sun.

  9. I think they’re so fun and I would totally keep them. Why not add a pillow to each of them in a colour that is more muted (something like the pillows in the last photo) and see if that helps.

  10. I don’t know why you couldn’t paint them. I’ve had good luck with fabric paints, but I think you could use house paint too.
    I tried this stripe technique on fabric, and was pleased.

  11. perhaps they look worse in person? I kinda like them in these pictures. But then again, I’m in love with teal.

  12. Maybe they look different in person, but I really like them…

  13. You guys are actually helping me like the bright teal! And, thanks for all of the good ideas on making it work! Maybe I need teal pillows in that color for under the covered patio to pull the color over…

  14. Actually, they are not that bad. They look kind of Arizonay in a good way. Add some lemon or coral colored pillows. Put some exact same color pillows on the patio, maybe with a bright throw rug and also lemon accents. Live like an old lady like me. Too many neutrals in a desert can be bad. Ann

  15. I must agree with the majority on this one, Kristy. I like the color. I think if you bring some of that green from your other chairs in maybe a stripe, that would tone them down a bit and pull things together. Likewise, you could add that color to the green chairs. Those particular colors are so popular I bet you could find a stripe that has both the green and the turquoise. Wouldn’t that be cool. You’ll figure it out!
    :) CAS

  16. You have gotten a lot of great advice already, but I agree on adding some pillows in some other citrus colors to embrace it in that hot climate…or perhaps pair it with a lot of white to break it up a bit? I love turquoise with white and brown. I have done a couple of posts on turquoise if that might help for some inspiration? Not all are outdoor photos but still – you never know. :) I’d also check the web to see if there are ways to tone down sunbrella fabrics with dyes if you really want to change the color – it’s amazing what is on the web these days. :) (My daughter asked the other day how tall the tooth fairy is and my husband looked it up on the web and actually found *answers* – crazy what’s on the web so you never know what you might find. :)) Good luck!

  17. I have to agree that I, too, love the colour. However, when you’ve order something custom (read: pricey) and expecting something specific, it’s hard to accept anything less. I love thrifting but sometimes it requires compromise- when I spend more money on something, I want what I want and won’t settle.
    I was going to suggest painting them as soon as I read your post- I was surprised it wasn’t suggested in the first
    comment your received. You are famous for “Thee Painted Chair”- all roads to painted chair in blogland lead back to Kristy. But it does seem a bit scarier when you dealing with brand new custom cushions.
    I was wondering though, if you used an exterior latex- exterior paints are designed to be more pliable so that they can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. Might work better in your hot climate- also may be good to do a trial on an outdoor pillow. Best of luck.

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