Design Tip – 6 Ways to Add Texture

When designing a space, layering is key.  You should consider color, pattern, finishes, and texture. Texture is an important layer that can do wonders for a space!

It’s can provide depth, warmth and comfort.  This is something I’ve really tried to improve on and not overlook.  You don’t want all smooth textures in a room, for instance, or it will begin to feel a little like a furniture store rather than an interesting lived in space.

Though layering pattern and color are important, adding texture is just as important.  Without texture, designs can feel a little “flat.”

There are many ways to add texture.

Here are three ways to add a little bit of texture to your home.

1.  Add texture to a wall.

Adding textured gypsum wall board to a wall creates a lot of interest.  (And, aren’t those colors awesome.  Great job, Stephanie!)


How about the texture on this wall.  It definitely transforms an otherwise flat space to something awesome.


Exposed brick walls give this elegant space an a bit of warmth.   I love the juxtapositoin of the feminine chandelier against the masculine wall.  (Another technique for adding interest to a room.)

2.  Add texture in the form of fabrics.

Layers of accent pillows in different fabrics and textures give this room depth.  The fabric behind the bed adds another texture.


Sarah Richardson added texture in this room via the throw and other fabrics, along with a mix of patterns.


Notice the walls, pillows and blanket.


3.  Add texture on the floor.

Use textured rugs to a room.  This sisal area rug helps anchor the white sofa and adds warmth and depth.


This fluffy shag rug adds interest in this bedroom.


4. Add texture on furniture and accessories.

There are so many options here – I love adding a woven and other natural textures to most rooms.

The stacked logs add a touch of texture, which breaks up this otherwise sleek living room.

Notice the basket and furniture textures in this space by Sarah Richardson.


The texture on the chairs is fun.


5.  Add texture on windows.


There are so many wonderful textures in this room, the windows being one.


Another window example.  All of the textures in this room make it truly gorgeous.


6.  Add texture in lighting.

It’s safe to say this light makes the room.


There are multiple textures in this room, but lighting is one of them.


I love the iron texture of these chandeliers.


How have you added texture to your home?

Go ahead and start looking through inspiration images and find the texture in them.  If you love the image, I almost guarantee some fun texture.



  1. I totally agree with your take on textures! Without them, a room looks flat and boring! Great post!

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    Have a great weekend!


  2. I’m a big fan of texture, you are so right, every space that I truly love has it done in some great way! (c: That Sarah Richards bedroom is still one of my favorites, that girl is a genius!

  3. Great ideas! I need to add more texture to our home

  4. I love this post. Texture is something I always need to work on. Thank you!

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