Getting in the Spirit of Halloween?

Our next door neighbor sure is!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a neighbor quite so festive.  It’s her first Halloween here.  Wow.

Below is the most updated one as they have added more since the original post.

House for MLS-031-2

Below this are the originals that I took when I THOUGHT they were done.  Should be lots of fun on Halloween night!

Halloween Yard-012

Halloween Yard-016

Yes, that is our house to the left… and yes, creeping over the property line. Does that count as us having decorated our yards?

Halloween Yard-017


My one question – where do you store all of that when it’s over?  Wait, a second question – how much is too much?

Are you getting in the spirit?



  1. Wow! She sure does go all out! I just don’t know where I would put all that the rest of the year.

  2. Jessica Montagliani

    I LOVE the way the houses look out there in AZ….the architecture of them is so awesome!!! Looks like something out of CA?? Cool neighbor:):) hee hee!!!!!

  3. oh my gosh!! so he’s one of those neighbors that makes everyone else look bad. LOL I can only imagine what they do for Christmas!

  4. Yikes! That is bordering on tacky, sometimes less is more right? And then it all makes noise at night? Good thing Halloween is almost done and you won’t have to look at all that. Hopefully she will do Christmas a little better. I don’t do Halloween, just fall and Thanksgiving. We do not get trick or treaters, so I say why bother. Plus you are right, storing that stuff is always an issue.

  5. that is so awesome and fun! i bet kids love trick or treating there!

  6. Oh my…I don’t have that much spirit!!

  7. Watch out…they may decide it would be “great” and “fun” for the whole neighborhood to decorate like that (to the hilt)so that people come from miles around to see this uber-decorated street for Halloween! :)

  8. Absolutely! We are thrilled to finally be in a neighborhood that will, no doubt, surpass our expectations on number of Trick-o-Treaters. We plan on sitting out in our driveway with lots of halloween luminarias, glowsticks, &, of course, tons of candy! We are having a big family Halloween Party on Sunday just to set the mood and to kick things off!
    :) CAS

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