Meet our Media Room

So, selling of the house is going well.   We expect 7 offers by tonight.  We plan to have a final decision by Wednesday night.  Then, we’ll be under contract and will begin planning the logistics of getting to Austin.

We grew up in TX and both went to UT, so Austin is familiar territory, though we have not lived there since 1999.

We are truly in awe of how quickly our house sold and how much activity there was.  And, yes, it is well over asking price. Praise God!  We feel very blessed.  And, I’ve had the honor of giving out quite a few business cards – people asked for them.  That’s always humbling and fun.

I thought I’d show you an additional room since we are leaving soon!

In our house plan, it can be a game room or media room.  It’s about 15×20.  Since it’s in the MLS listing and we may not live here for a lot longer, I thought I’d introduce you all!


This is probably the room we hang out in the most!

I know, the pillows aren’t exactly arranged awesomely.  I didn’t have time for more shots.


Here is how the room looked just before we moved in.


Have a great Halloween!  Our neighbor has added more since the last photos were taken!  I’m so curious to see if the little kids are scared or love it.   I love Halloween in our neighborhood.  All the neighbors sit outside and hoards of kids come through!



  1. I would imagine that your house went so fast because all you rooms look like THIS! Maybe you have a side career as a home “stager” It’s beautiful! Love the color!

  2. ooh love it! love the art on the walls! its warm and cozy and not too “movie theatre” roomish like some i have seen if that makes sesne. ;)

  3. Great room, and I’m sure it was a nice selling feature. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new place in Austin!
    :) CAS

  4. Must of missed where you said you guys were moving for sure. So exciting! Didn’t live in Austin in 1999 but it’s a GREAT place in 2011! Can’t wait to have you guys in the great state of TX!

  5. What a fun room. I’ve seen those safari posters around and I love them. I know you’ll be sad to leave this house, but think of the fun you’ll have designing your next one! :) Happy Halloween!

  6. I’m so happy for you that your house got so much action so quickly! It’s nice when things work out so well.

  7. Wow, that’s amazing that it sold so quickly – and 7 offers?? Insane!

  8. I’m happy that your house is (hopefully) selling fast. It’s such a frustrating process. Our 1st house was on the market for 8 months..which was actually not bad in comparison. Happy moving!

  9. Kristy that is awesome you are moving back to Texas! I wish I was too! :( Your house is gorgeous so I doesn’t surprise me one bit you are having several buyers! Congratulations and yes, blessings abound…happy for you! Wish you were going to be there around Christmas time. We are heading down to our condo in San Antonio for a week. I would love to stop by and have lunch! It would be wonderful to finally meet you. :D Have a great day!

  10. Congrats on the quick sale! I can’t wait to see what you do with the next house!

  11. Oh my gosh that is SO exciting! It was your eye for design that drew people in. I love how you hung the drape as a room divider to the other room. I can see why you guys spend so much time in there, it is a very warm and welcoming cozy room.

    Seriously? They put up even MORE decorations? I am so glad that didn’t hinder the buyers.

  12. Wow, congrats on the multiple offers. We just moved into our new house last weekend. I am sure it will be a great opportunity for lots of future blog posts:)

  13. Wow! Seven offers on the house? That is amazing news! I am so glad the sale went so smoothly!

    Looking forward to see you work your magic in your next home!

    By the way, I am hosting another awesome giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish hanging travel kit when you get a chance!


  14. No wonder you are passing out quite a few business cards, it looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see what the new place will look like. Congrats on the future move.

  15. So exciting….Tx. here you come! Good luck and have fun packing and buying a new house! Look forward to following along on your new adventure!

  16. Wow, big news! I bet your head is spinning. Your media room is AWESOME! What a great space. Wish we had a room like this. I guess we could if we moved to Phoenix and outbid everyone else.

  17. WOW. your room is amazing!! i should have you come to MN and redo my apartment and my sister’s house. :) can’t wait to read more on your blog, i love it! thanks for visiting PPS! :)

  18. Praise God is right! How exciting. We’re off to Austin this week, interview on Fri. I’ve been feeling much more peaceful about the prospect of packing up and leaving.

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