Painted Bench


Colleen at Lemon Drop Dreams painted a bench following my tutorial!  She changed up the method a little with no spraying water as you paint.  Seems to have turned out fine!



And, after again.


Close up.  Loving that white detail.


Let me know if you’ve painted any fabric!



  1. Love it! The pink and gold is fabulous.

  2. I love the pink and gold combo! I have a chair I’ve been meaning to paint gold…must get on it!

  3. You have totally started a ‘painted upholstery’ movement, Kristy! Love it!

  4. AHH! I have GOT to find a piece to try this on!

  5. So brilliant…especially the color combo! This is sooooo much easier than re-upholstering the whole shebang! And this piece is so pretty…the lines are divine! Great project!

  6. No way! She painted the fabric!?! Awesome job!!!

  7. I love this idea! I’m worried about how long the paint lasts, though. Does it wear off after awhile? :(

    • It hasn’t for me, but these are not high use items in my house which is why I chose this technique. I THINK it’s as if it dyed the fabric and I don’t think you’d have to worry about it wearing off.

  8. This is a great transformation! The pink and gold is feminine and chic!! :)

  9. You mentioned this bench in your last post, so I had to come see it! WOW….it is great! I am surprised I like it so much, usually I am for a more tame palette. Not this time, this bench has me at “hello”!

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