Pantone Colors for Spring 2012

I always look forward curiously to see what Pantone announces for their Color Report.  Their 2012 Color Report is out.  So, let’s see what is hot for Spring.

Below is a graphic from The Perfect Palette, a site that is dedicated to helping people find the perfect palette for weddings.  So, the images have a wedding bent.  But it’s a great site if you are looking for the perfect palette for anything!

It’s all very Spring-y.  Bright and vibrant, yet also some great soft colors like the lilac and some fabulous neutrals.  What’s your favorite?  I like Bellflower and Driftwood quite a bit.



  1. Love the Driftwood and Margarita paired with the Sweet Lilac! I am NOT a pink girl so I find it hard to incorporate the colors like Cabaret into my home and fashion in ways that I can handle…especially for spring pink seems to be THE color…I like a lot of these choices much better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, I guess I needed to know this. Now I can just check with you. You are the first to write about this, in my blog neighborhood. Ann

  3. I’m also pro Driftwood. I’m also like the Sodalite Blue!

  4. I am a Starfish and Driftwood gal!! Thanks for the site suggestion.

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