Update on Client Design – Entry

I showed you the family room that we worked on recently.  Now to pan out and show you the rest of the space that we are putting together.  We are now working on the entry.

All furniture is just represented here.  Real pieces would be on a story board.  Not all accessories are included in this drawing.


And, just the entry.  Though we are debating topiaries or lamps.




Below are the story boards where we show the actual items to be purchased.

On the left is the story board for the entry area (the dresser is from Craigslist and is sold now, so we are looking for one in PA if you have suggestions).

On the right is the story board for the family room.  The painted chest of drawers (it won’t be a dresser), green lamps, and subway art will all be DIY projects.  The dresser and chest of drawers will be Craigslist purchases.

We added a touch of blue to the family room as well.

image  image

With the lamps:


From this came her shopping lists.

Here are actual photos of how the space was before.   A view of the kitchen/dining from the family room.


From the opposite direction of the drawing.



Living room before.


Our plan.


And, with a few more accessories.


Progress.  The chair and lamp are just place holders.


And, in the future, she has options to freshen up the space – painting the red, adding curtains, changing the furniture arrangement, adding a chandelier…  image

To read more about the process, rugs we looked at using, and what the client wanted to keep and change, go here.  It’s definitely starting to come to life!


If you are looking for design help (consult, floor plan, drawings, story boards), email me at kristy@hypheninteriors.com.


  1. LOVE the entry! im torn between the lamps& the topiary’s. Either one will def. bring in the nice pop of green. and zebra rug- need I say more?!

  2. I love this space!! The woods beams are great! I really like the lamps on the consol rather than the plants, but that’s just me =) I also really like this program you use , I think I may have to do something like that for our bedroom once we start getting it together.

  3. Wow, it looks like a great space to work with and your storyboards are amazing! Congratulations – I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award…:) Stop by today for details…

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