Update on Client Family Room

I posted earlier this week about how an area rug can change the look of a room.   In that post, I showed some of the various rough design concepts that I created for a client so she could see various area rugs.

It was also a look into the beginning process of designing a room.  We had simply talked about her preferences and began work on a basic layout.  Post consultation, but pre shopping or pinning anything down.

Here is where we left off.


Where did we land on the design for her family room?

image image

And, with a few accessories and that 45 degree beam pasted in.


After much discussion, the client decided:
- She really wanted the furniture arranged much like she had it so as to optimize the view out the window.   The view out the window was more important that blocking the entry path for her.
- No curtains on the windows.
- She wanted to keep the red/ rust accent wall color and neutral wall color, but was open to changing out the rug.
- She wanted to add some lighter colors to brighten up the room.
- No chandelier.
- No animal head.

We were also using her existing sofas, end table, and floor lamp.

I call my design business Hyphen Interiors because it’s always about my design AND what the client needs and wants.  It’s so much about what works for them, not just what I think is best.  It’s a joint effort.  And, rarely is it exactly what I have in mind.  It’s always a compromise which is a good thing, I think!

Note:  The squares over the fireplace represent a gallery wall.   And, the industrial stool will act as a table or stool, depending on the need at the time.  The background color is the main wall color.  The rust color is the accent wall color.

Here is the story board that goes with the design.  The 3d drawing above is just to show how it’d fit into the room.  However, many items are approximated.  The story board shows the actual items.


With the story board, I gave her a shopping list for all of these items.  Unfortunately, Target no longer has the sunburst, so I gave her other options for that.

What does the floor plan look like?


And, to remind you, here is her current space.


It’s now time for her to purchase the items, probably put a bit of her own small spin on some aspect of the design (so far, that’s likely on one of the lamps) as that is fairly typical with most clients, and execute it.   I love to see the before and after photos.  And, one reason I am enjoying posting about this particular client is that she is fast and action oriented.  So, you won’t have to wait forever to see the after!

Can’t wait to see it come to life!  Thanks for peeking in at the process.  Hope you enjoyed the update.


Update 10/20:  We have tweaked the design and will be posting an update on Monday, 10/24.    The update will also feature the design for the entry which is adjacent to this room.


  1. Do you find it difficult when you know something would look better but your client doesn’t agree? I’m finding this lately when people ask for my advice (Lord knows why they are asking me). I always wonder why they asked me in the first place if they are just going to do what they want.

    • Ultimately, it is the client’s house, so they always have the final decision. The goal is to listen to their needs, their style, their preferences and then to create a vision/ plan that works within those confines. I don’t always get “my way” with everything, so it’s a compromise in most cases. It’s for all of theses reasons I thought Hyphen was an appropriate name. It’s a joint effort. Not so much with this client, but with others, barring that, I at least try to make sure the client’s changes work with the color scheme and style of the design. I’ve enjoyed working with this client, for sure. I feel like we’ve really worked together to create a design that works for her.

  2. ahhh the joys and challenges with working with a clients “this had to stay”. But I think you did an amazing job working with what she had. Red is such a bossy color and it takes some creativity to work with it and not against it.

  3. The original design was perfect…love what she chose, but the original…fabulous!!

  4. I think the sunburst would be so lovely in there.

    I enjoyed reading this post because I really find it interesting to see how the process of making a wonderful space is.

  5. Jessica Montagliani

    OH YAY!!!!!!! This is looking awesome!! How are you stranger?!? So glad it is going well with you…you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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