We did it…

We put our house on the market today (Friday).

House for MLS-034-2

So far, so good.  We had 8 showings and 5 are scheduled for tomorrow already.  What a whirlwind of a day, especially since we thought it wouldn’t be listed until this evening at the earliest and planned to get some last minute things done today.  Yet, the phone started ringing for showings at 9am!  Panic!  We did the fastest cleaning ever and had no time to do any more all day due to more showings.

There is talk of at least four offers so far, but nothing is in writing yet.

Why?  Well, my husband got a job offer in Austin (from contract to perm which requires a move).  We are waiting on the final paperwork, but wanted to get the house stuff rolling in the meantime.  We didn’t expect this much movement this fast, but we are grateful.  We will be losing money on the house, as it’s priced at our rock bottom, but perhaps buyer’s will offer over the asking price and helps us lose a little less.

They want us there as soon as possible, but there is no set date yet.  So, we’ll see how all of this pans out!   We have to wait for the job offer to be in writing before accepting an offer, of course.  We hope that will come in the next few days and will be what we expect…

There are mixed feelings.  Our family is in TX, yet Austin housing is more expensive than Phoenix housing.  We LOVE our house, so we hate to leave it.  We had planned to be here for a very long time.  But, I guess things come up, like job offers.  We feel it’s the right move, should everything work out.  But, I still find myself a little uncharacteristically nervous as it was something that we hadn’t planned for or searched out.  It just happened.   We love so much about Phoenix – like the amazing winters that hover around 70 degrees and the reliable sunshine.

Well, here’s to something new!  If you know of anyone looking in north Phoenix, send them out!

Here are a few shots that are on the mls listing.

2011_08_20_0110 overviewfamilyroom

CR_2011_006 CR_2011_008

House for MLS-016 House for MLS-023


Master Bedroom-109 Master Bedroom-057

Kitchen_2011_004 Kitchen_2011_002

House for MLS-005-2 House for MLS-013-2

House for MLS-024-2

Description reads:

Gorgeous home. Priced to sell!! Well maintained. Saltwater pool (new chlorinator), 18 inch tile flooring, fireplace, 4 bedrooms and an office, .38 acres, sprinkler system in yard, water softener, built ins in office, huge extended laundry room, gourmet kitchen, private backyard, backs to wash, whole house hvac filtration system, surround sound in family room, 4 ft extended garage, rv gate, backyard is east facing for shade, granite counters, separate thermostat for downstairs guest bedroom, large bedrooms…  Not a short sale or foreclosure.

We will miss the beautiful sun rises and sets.


Wish us luck and let me know if you know of anyone who may be interested!   And, please forgive me if I am a little preoccupied for a bit…



  1. How exciting! It’s great you’ve already had so much activity on your home, especially in this soft market. I’m not surprised though, your home is beautiful! Good luck with everything.

  2. Oh wow u guys r moving! I’m gonna miss u! Here I was loving ur blog , it being in AZ & all & hoping to meet up with u again. Anyway wish u all the best with ur move & keep updating us through the blog.

  3. Ahhh! That happened so fast. I’m very attached to your laundry room, but happy for you still. :) looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new house!

  4. Good luck with the move! I moved a lot as a child so I never really got attached to houses…until now. Hope you find an equally lovely home in TX!

  5. Exciting! You have a gorgeous house so I’m sure you will sell quickly, hopefully you get some extra $ :)

  6. it will sell fast- it looks beautiful!!!!! best of luck!

  7. Exciting times! I hope everything goes smoothly with your move and the sale of your house. Looking forward to see your new home and how you will decorate it!

    Have a lovely weekend, Kristy!


  8. When a house looks as amazing as yours does, it will be sold in no time! Gotta tell ya I’m excited for selfish reasons – this means I get to see more of your decorating as you settle into your new home :D

  9. Your house is beautiful and I’m sure it’ll go fast! I’m excited for you and can’t wait to read all about your new home here in Austin!

  10. What an exciting time! I’m glad that you’ve had such great interest so far–your house is gorgeous, so that’s no surprise. Good luck!!

  11. Stunning home. I can’t imagine leaving…we tried to sell our home this past summer but unfortunately it didn’t sell and we lost the house we put our offer in on…So sad. But also a good thing, because I loveee my childhood home. I’ll be praying it all goes smoothly and the right people will place offers…above the asking price! (:

  12. That is SO exciting! I can understand the mixed feelings though…especially after all the time you put into it! Here’s to new adventures!!!

  13. Your selling your fabulous house and backyard!!! Noooooo….
    Kidding. Austin will be great too!
    Your house is so fantastic it will sell in a heartbeat. Now we get to look forward to you blogging about your new house! Good luck!!!!

  14. Kristy, you will love Austin! It is one of my favorite cities. You will find a lovely home and fit right into the community! My family just went through the same thing. Lived in Texas 25 years and the week of Thanksgiving, a company in Philadelphia offered my husband a job. He wasn’t looking, either! We had to pack up and move the week after Christmas (we had a housefull of company from NM for Christmas!) and leave our house in a shambles. We kept flying back and forth to Texas and finally sold the house a month after we put the sign out on the lawn, by owner. I feel for you leaving your home. It will an adventure, though! Texas has lots to offer and has some pretty great weather, too. God Bless!

  15. yay!! your coming to TX!! You’ll love Austin. We have family there and visit from time to time (im in Houston). And the San Marcos Outlets!!! Need I say more?! best shopping ev-ah!! And just think a new blank canvas to decorate and blog about!

  16. How exciting & nerve racking! I can appreciate what you are feeling. My hubby has an interview in Austin (of all places!) in a couple weeks. And we’ve only been in KC for 6 yrs, so should we move, we won’t be making anything on our house either and lost a ton on our previous house too. So, losing a bit, IMHO, is worth not having two houses or a house and an apt for any length of time. Good luck! I’ll be praying for a quick sale and a bidding war!

  17. You have a very beautiful home…no doubt that it will sell in NO TIME! Best of luck to you!!

  18. OMG!! How exciting!! I can’t believe how fast it is all going!! Thinking of you! GOOD LUCK!!!

  19. Hi!
    I absolutely love your home! I love your kitchen table- could you tell me where you purchased it? I have been looking for something like it for a long time! Thank you.

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